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Ubuntu: setting Nautilus default view to detailed list-view

I always want to see the “Date Modified” etc. detailed list-view in Nautilus. You can make the list-view be default in Ubuntu 12.04 by typing in Terminal: gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences default-folder-viewer ‘list-view’ If you wanted to check what your setting was first, you can read the current value by typing: gsettings get org.gnome.nautilus.preferences default-folder-viewer

Octave 3.6.4 on Ubuntu 12.04

Here’s how to install GNU Octave 3.6.4 on Ubuntu 12.04 (also on Ubuntu 10.04): Open Terminal and do: 1) sudo apt-add-repository ppa:octave/stable 2) sudo apt-get update 3) sudo apt-get install octave 4) sudo apt-get install liboctave-dev Note: if you have Octave 3.2 installed already, these commands will uninstall Octave 3.2 and install Octave 3.6 on […]

GDL PLOT: PLplot installation lacks the requested driver: xwin

In Ubuntu 12.04, you might get this error upon trying to use the “plot” command of GDL (the open-source alternative to IDL). To resolve this, try in Terminal: sudo apt-get install plplot11-driver-xwin and restart GDL. Note, the version number “11″ may have changed by the time you read this–just watch for such a message when […]

Disabling bluetooth on startup: Ubuntu 12.04

based on: http://askubuntu.com/questions/131684/how-to-boot-with-bluetooth-turned-off Step 1) type in Terminal: sudo gedit /etc/rc.local Step 2) add this line to the file: rfkill block bluetooth before the “end 0″ line You will still be able to manually enable Bluetooth when needed.

Ubuntu 12.04 idle screen dim timer

The idle screen timer in Ubuntu 12.04 comes set to dim the screen automatically after 30 seconds. You can check your current idle timer by typing in Terminal: gsettings get org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power idle-dim-time To SET the idle screen dim timer in Ubuntu 12.04 to a longer time (e.g. 90 seconds) type gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power idle-dim-time 90

Making hdparm setting permanent in Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 12.04 and 11.10 (perhaps other distros as well) set the APM default very aggressively, leading your hard drive to hundreds and thousands of load/unload cycles in too short period of time. Typically HDD are only rated for 600,000 load/unload cycles, so it is beneficial to reduce this cycling. You can slow down the cycling […]

MATLAB 2011a & MATLAB 2012a Student Version install problems on 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04

Upon downloading the MATLAB Student Version install package from the Mathworks website, you start the installer by navigating to: /tmp/mathworks_downloads/R2012a_Student_Version or wherever you downloaded it to. Then type sudo ./install -v You will probably see a variety of errors, if you’re running Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit (x64). The first thing to try is installing ia32-libs by […]

Getting started with RTL2832 EZcap USB SDR receiver in Ubuntu

Note: If you have MATLAB, you can also check out the RTL-SDR support in Matlab: http://www.mathworks.com/hardware-support/rtl-sdr.html Reference: http://www.hack4fun.eu/2012/05/rtl-sdr-backtrack-5-r2/ You do NOT need the install CD that comes with your EZcap RTL2382 USB stick. You do need to install libusb-1.0-0-dev, git and cmake as in Step 0. Step 0.1: Open a Terminal window, and type: sudo […]