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Restarting Unity desktop in Ubuntu

If your desktop seems to freeze for more than a few seconds, trying pressing together the keys Ctrl Alt F1 and then login with your username and password, and type unity & disown This will leave your desktop/apps all as they were while fixing the broken state. To just restart the whole Unity desktop (which […]

using wakeonlan with Linux–from outside LAN (worldwide)

On target (PC to be remotely controlled) do: sudo apt-get ethtool backup your /etc/network/interfaces file: sudo cp /etc/network/interfaces /etc/network/interfaces.backup sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces You should see a segment that looks like the following. If not, try adding it. Note, if this goofs up, you may not have network access for your machine until you copy the […]

Adding missing fonts to LaTeX: Ubuntu

If you’re using a LaTeX editor like TeXWorks or TeXMaker or various others, and you want to be able to use a wider range of fonts (say the marvosym smiley face font), install the TeX Live recommended fonts by typing in Terminal: sudo apt-get install texlive-fonts-recommended

Linux RDP NLA (Network Level Authentication) with FreeRDP and Remmina

To connect to Windows hosts requiring NLA, you must install freerdp. For Ubuntu, type in Terminal sudo apt-get install freerdp For Fedora, type in Terminal sudo yum install freerdp NOTE! You must logout/login to have RDP/NLA show up in Remmina!