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University of Phoenix Article for Class Reading (Re-post)

The Rising of Phoenix, and What It Means for Higher Education   (Article requested by the editor, JOURNAL OF EDUCATION, Boston University, December 2005) Click here for Word version Joseph M. Cronin and Patricia M. Bachorz, Boston University Academic leaders are not sure how to deal with for profit universities, especially those that offer degrees […]

Daily Free Press Article: Education’s Subtle Transformation


September 9, 2009: Origins of Higher Education: Fields, Locations, Scholars

In-class hand out.

PowerPoint: November 4, 2009

PowerPoint Presentation

Audio Recording: Harvard President Drew Faust talk on September 24, 2009


BU Today Article: More Rankings Are Out, and BU Grades Well


Chronicle of Higher Education Article: Kaplan U.’s Catchy Ad Provokes a Question: Do Colleges Serve Today’s Students?


Chronicle of Higher Education Article: Will Higher Education Be the Next Bubble?


Newsweek Article: The Three-Year Solution


Articles by Dean Halfond and link to Sloan Report for Nov. 4, 2009