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Vagamon, Kerala

Miriam and I arrived in Vagamon, a hill-station in the Western Ghats, about 100 km east of Kochi. Our host, Cyril Jacob, who gave us a ride, is a retired banker who created a little paradise on an eighty-acre lot where he cultivates tea and cardamom and has built a lodge he calls Green Meadows and where he […]


It is shortly before 6am in Kochi, a port city in Kerala, on the famed coast of Malabar. Vasco da Gama was here, who left behind a Portuguese mission that was later joined by the Dutch East India Company. Kochi has the oldest functioning synagogue anywhere in the British Commonwealth. Though most of Jews of […]

Just published (in German)

I am pleased to share the publication of my first German book, a collection of essays from the past twenty years, with the title “Jüdische Religionsphilosophie als Apologie des Mosaismus,” which roughly translates as “Jewish philosophy of religion as an apologetics of the Mosaic faith.” The book introduces to major themes and thinkers in the […]

Two States One Homeland

I just returned from London, where I participated in a seminar convened by Lord Stone of Blackheath on a two-year old grassroots peace initiative for Israel and Palestine called Two States, One Homeland (TSOH). You can find a longer report on this meeting HERE. In addition to the two founders of this initiative, Tel Aviv-based […]

Last year, at Providence College

A lecture on Belief and Unbelief

US Supreme Court weighs in on Jerusalem issue

For my latest blog post on Jerusalem, a comment on the recent decision of the US Supreme Court on whether the child of a US person born in Jerusalem should have the right to have his passport say that he was born in Israel, see HERE. On a related subject, see the lecture I gave […]

Speaking on Jerusalem, next week at Brandeis

I am looking forward to my talk on Jerusalem for the Brandeis University Schusterman Center for Israel Studies next Friday, October 24, at 12pm. The topic of my presentation is “Jerusalem in the Religious Studies Classroom: Theoretical Considerations and Topical Issues” and it will be based on an essay recently published in a Syracuse University […]

Upcoming talks

I’ve been invited back by the fabulous folk at the CAS Core Curriculum to lecture on the Bible in general and the primordial history of Genesis in particular. (Tuesday, Sept 9, 2014, 9:30 am, at the Tsai Performance Center) I’ve been getting more comfortable with these lectures the more my own children have approached (and […]

A nice little feature on my Jerusalem class, the summer version

Sue Seligson, reporting for a BUToday’s series, wrote a nice little feature on my Jerusalem class, which I recently taught as a summer term class. You can find her article here.