I am Connor O’Brien and I am a first year astronomy graduate student in Boston University’s Center for Space Physics. My research interests are primarily concerned with Earth’s magnetosphere and the near-Earth plasma environment. I also work with space-based x-ray imaging and detection hardware in order to investigate said plasma regimes. I currently work with professor Brian Walsh, constructing a model of the magnetopause that is easy to implement and robustly models its nose and tail behavior. This will allow us to better predict when a spacecraft is close to the edge of Earth’s magnetic field, where many interesting effects are observed to occur. I also provide hardware support for Boston University’s CuPID small satellite mission. For more information on these and other projects I am a part of, please visit my research page, the BU Space Physics and Technology Lab site, or email me at obrienco (at) bu (dot) edu.

Header Image: Artist’s rendition of a dense plasma plume streaming from the Earth towards the sun. Illustration based on Walsh et al., [2014] study. Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center