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Message from the Managing Director

Vinit Nijhawan October 2013 United States has been a leader in research and development funding since the end of WWII. Only Japan has outspent the U.S. as a percentage of GDP, with Japanese industry outspending all other countries. The U.S. government has outspent other countries in R&D spending (see figure below). Next to the Department […]


November 19th 2013, Grow Innovation at Biotech Event As Boston’s largest biotech networking event, BiotechTuesday has been connecting professionals for over eleven years.  On November 19th, we are hosting our Grow Innovation in Biotech event to reward innovative ideas in biotech.  If you have an innovative biotech product or idea, please submit a pitch to […]

New Life Sciences and Engineering Center Promotes Synthetic Biology Research

Boston University has recently proposed building a seven-story, 150,000-square-foot life sciences and engineering building to house a new center focused on synthetic biology research, as an addition to its Charles River campus. Named ‘The Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering’, the building will replace an existing parking lot on 610 Commonwealth Avenue that is […]

Boston University’s Effort to Fight Cancer by Teaming Doctors with Engineers

Imagine if a clinician had the tools to reveal the early stages of lung cancer through just a nose swab, detect liver and skin cancer with a simple blood test, or prescreen for colon cancer without the need for a colonoscopy. These are some of the goals of the research projects that are supported by […]

MRC Technology and Boston University Collaborate to Develop anti-IL-16 Antibody for Treatment of Inflammatory Conditions

Boston University is collaborating with MRC Technology, a technology transfer organization, to develop an anti-IL-16 antibody for use in treatment of inflammatory diseases and Ischemic Reperfusion Injury (IRI). A £577,000 Biomedical Catalyst Award grant to MRC Technology in 2012 will partly fund the project. The new antibody therapy may have promise for a wide range […]

Message from the Managing Director

Dear Reader, The recent award by a jury of over $1 billion to Apple Computer from Samsung points to the value of Intellectual Property (IP) in today’s economy. In fact IP Policy is now central to Innovation Policy in many industries. It also points to the drawbacks of one-size-fits-all patent system that provides a 20-year […]

Tech, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll

On July 15th, 2014, the Office of Technology Development at Boston University will host its fifth annual technology networking event entitled, Tech, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll (TDRR), from 4-8pm in the Metcalf Ballroom of the George Sherman Union. TDRR is a networking event designed to connect scientists and engineers with entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators. The event […]

In vitro Production of New Blood

A recent study led by Boston University School of Medicine has demonstrated a novel approach to create an unlimited number of human red blood cells and platelets in vitro. In collaboration with Boston University School of Public Health and Boston Medical Center, the researchers differentiated induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells into these cell types, typically […]

Bihormonal Bionic Pancreas for Managing Blood Glucose

For over a decade, Drs. Edward Damiano (Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering) and Firas El-Khatib (Senior Research Scientist) at Boston University have been developing a bihormonal bionic pancreas to help patients with type 1 diabetes (and insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes) control their blood glucose levels. The system integrates three components:  a continuous glucose monitor, external infusion […]

Message from the Managing Director

Dear Reader, Boston University has several “gap funding” programs managed by OTD. These allow BU research to advance towards commercialization leveraging government sponsored basic research funding. BU has a history of being an innovator in research commercialization. The Community Technology Fund established in 1975 was the first university venture fund. It invested in over 175 […]