Library Policies

(adopted 2001)

Who may use the Goode Test Library?  The Goode Test Library is open to local Sargent students, faculty, alumni, and OT clinicians. Local clinicians must have a relationship with Sargent College either by supervising Level I or II students, and/or as a guest lecturer in Sargent College courses. Due to the need to have our resources available for students and faculty, assessments are not intended for routine use by clinicians and alumni. However, we are glad to make our materials available for individuals wishing to preview a test before purchasing or for occasional use when not available elsewhere. If a test is put on reserve by faculty, it may be unavailable for borrowing.

 Lending Procedures

  • A maximum of three tests may be borrowed at one time.
  • Materials may be borrowed for one week (7 calendar days).
  • Materials may be renewed if there is no waiting list for the test.
  • Materials may ONLY be picked up and returned during library hours. Hours are posted on the door (SAR-550) of the library and listed in the auto-reply message when you email
  • Students currently enrolled in courses at BU Sargent College may borrow materials free of charge.
  • Local alumni and affiliated clinicians may borrow materials.  A deposit of $50.00 (in the form of a personal check made payable to Boston University) is required for each test.  A permanent address, home or cell phone number, and email address (as well as a work address and phone number) must be left with the test librarian.
  • Materials WILL NOT be mailed or shipped.
  • Tests that cost over $500.00 may only be checked out of the library by students of BU Sargent College as part of a course requirement. These tests may be examined on site during library hours by clinicians and alumni, but may not be checked out.
  • If a faculty member needs to use a specific assessment for a class, it may be put on reserve in the MSC.
  • Protocol forms are available for purchase.
  • The Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT) is available for rent. Both a deposit and rental fee are required. Please email for full policies and availability.  

Returning Materials

  • Materials must be returned during library hours. While the borrower is waiting, the test librarian will check the materials to ensure that all parts, manuals, scoring sheets, etc. are returned. For clinicians and alumni, the $50.00 deposit will be returned if the test is returned on time and is complete. No checks will be mailed back.  If parts are missing, the deposit will be kept in full.  A $5.00 per day late fee will be charged, payable at the time the test is returned.
  • Current students who fail to return the entire test will have their grades withheld until the test is either returned or payment for missing parts is made.