Test Name Test Abbreviation Date
ABE Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children   1983
Activity Card Sort ACS 2001
Activity Card Sort 2nd ed. ACS-2 2008
Activities Scale for Kids ASK 2002
Adaptive Behavior Scale of the American Association on Mental Retardation, 2nd Edition AAMR-ABS 1981
Adolescent Interest Profile – See Pediatric Interest Profile    
Aggregate Neurobehavioral Student Health & Educational Review ANSE 1980
AGS Early Screening Profiles AGS 1990
Allen Cognitive Level Screen ACLS 1996
Allen Diagnostic Module ADM 1993
Apraxia Battery for Adults   1979
Arthur Point Scale of Performance Tests (Archive)    
Assessment of Communication and Interaction Skills ACIS 1998
Assessment of Motor and Process Skills-2nd Ed. AMPS 1997
Assessment of Occupational Functioning AOF 1986
Assessment of Preterm Infant Behavior APIB 1979
Barthel Index   1965
Batelle Developmental Screening Test   1984
Bay Area Functional Performance BaFPE 1987
Bayley Scale of Infant Development, 2nd Edition BSID-II 1993
Bayley Scale of Infant Development, 3rd Edition Bayley-III 2006
Beck Depression Inventory BDI-II 1996
Beery-Butenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration (6th Edition) VMI-6 2010
Behavioral Characteristics Progression BCP 1973
Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function BRIEF 2000
Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function – Adult Version BRIEF-A 2005
Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function – Preschool Version BRIEF-P 2005
Bender Gestalt Test for Young Children   1963
Benton Visual Retention Test – 5th Edition   1992
Boston Assessment of Severe Aphasia BASA 1989
Box and Blocks Test   1957
Brigance Inventory of Early Development   1978
Brown Attention-Deficit Disorder Scales Brown 1996
Bruininks-Osteresky Test of Motor Proficiency BOT 1978
Bruininks-Osteresky Test of Motor Proficiency – 2nd Ed. (carrying case w/ manual, beam separate) BOT-2 2005
Bruininks-Osteresky Test of Motor Proficieny -2nd Ed. (manual only) BOT -2 2005
Burk’s Behavior Rating Scales   1988
Canadian Occupational Performance Measure, 2nd  Ed. & 4th Ed. COPM 1994, 2005
Canfield Learning Styles Inventory LSI 1992
Child Behavior Check List and Revised CBCL 1983
Child Behavior Check List/2-3 CBCL 1992
Child Behavior Check List/4-18 CBCL 1992
Child Occupational Self Assessment COSA 2005
Children’s Adaptive Behavior Scale   1980
Children’s Asssessment of Participation & Enjoyment (with Preferences for Activities of Children) CAPE/PAC 2004
Children’s Handwriting Evaluation Scale CHES 1984
Children’s Self-Assessment of Occupational Functioning CSAO 1990
Clinical Observation of Motor & Postural Skills COMPS 1994
Cognistat-Neurobehavioral Cognitive Evaluation NCSE 1995
Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota CAM 1993
Cognitive Performance Test CPT 1992
Community Integration Questionnaire CIQ 1995
Comprehensive Trail-Making CTMT 2002
Conner’s Rating Scale CRS 1990
Conner’s Rating Scale – Revised CRS-R 1997
Contextual Memory Test   1993
Crawford Small Parts Dexterity Test Crawf 1956
Craig Handicap Assessment & Reporting Technique CHART 1992
De-Gangi Berk Test of Sensory Integration   1983
Denver Developmental Screening Test (Archive) Denver 1978
Denver Developmental Screening Test Denver-2 1992
Developmental Programming for Infants   1996
Developmental Test of Visual Perception – 2 DTVP – 2 1993
Diagnosis of Handwriting Problems   1985
Early Coping Inventory   1988
Early Learning Accomplishment Profile (Archive)   1978
Embedded Figures Test (Archive)   1972
Emedded Figures Test   1972
Environmental Questionnaire    
Erhardt Developmental Prehension Assessment EDPA 1982
Evaluation Tool of Children’s Handwriting ETCH 1995
First STEP Screening for Preschoolers   1993
Frostig Movement Skills Battery Test   1972
Functional Independence Measure FIM 1997
Functional Status Index FSI 1980
Functional Status Questionnaire FSQ 1986
Geriatric Evaluation of Mental Status GEMS 1994
Gesell Developmental Schedules   1980
Goodenouth-Harris Drawing Test   1969
Gray Oral Reading Test, 3rd Edition GORT 1992
Handwriting Without Tears   2001
Harris Test of Lateral Dominance   1958
Hawaii Early Learning Program HELP 1985
HOME inventory   2001
Hooper Visual Organization Test VOT 1985
Infant Toddler Symptom Checklist   1995
Interest Checklist   1983
Jacobs Prevocational Skills Assessment    
Jebson Hand Test    
Katz Index of ADL   1970
Kaufman Brief Intellegence Test K-BIT 1990
Keirsey Temperment Sorter   1984
Kitchen Task Assessment KTA 1993
Klein-Bell Activities of Daily Living Scale   1982
Knox’s Cube Test, Junior & Senior   1980
Kohlman Evaluation of Living Skills KELS 1992
Kolb Learning Style Inventory, version 3 LSI 1999
Large Allen Cognitive Level Screen LACLS 1996
Late Life Function and Disability Instrument   2002
Leisure Satisfaction Scale   1980
Life Interests & Value Cards LIV  
Lowenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment LOTCA 1990
Luria Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery   1980
MacQuarrie Test for Mechaical Ability (Archive)   1953
McCarthy Scales of Children’s Abilities   1972
Meeting Street School Screening Test MSSS 1969
Milani-Comparetti Motor Development   1987
Miller Assessment for Preschoolers (4 test kits; 4 scoring notebooks; 3 manuals) MAP 1988
Miller Function & Participation Scales M-FUN 2006
Milwaukee Evaluation of Daily Living MEDL 1988
Mini Mental Status Exam MMSE 1975
Minnesota Rate of Manipulation Test   1969
Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test    
Moberg Modified Pickup Test    
Model of Human Occupation Screening Tool MOHOST 2004
Motor Free Visual Perception Test, 3rd Ed. MVPT 2003
Movement Assessment Battery for Children (missing manual) MABC 1992
Mullen Scales of Early Learning MSEL 1991
NEO Personality Inventory Revised NEO PI-R 1992
Neurobehavioral Cognitive Status Exam NCSE 1988
Nine-Hole Peg Test    
NPI Interest Checklist   1969
O’Connor Tweezer Dexterity Test   1986
Occupational Case Analysis Interview OCAIR 1989
Occupational Performance History Interview OPHI 1989
Occupational Performance History Interview-2 OPHI-2 1998
Occupational Self Assessment (2.2) OSA 2006
Occupational Therapy Assessment of Performance and Support OTAPS 1997
Osteresky Tests of Motor Proficiency   1946
Peabody Developmental Motor Scales (2 tests) PDMS 1983
Peabody Developmental Motor (Manual Only) -2nd Ed. PDMS-2 2000
Peabody Developmental Motor Scales Kit- 2nd Ed. PDMS-2 2000
Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test PPVT 1981
Pediatric Activity Card Sort PACS 2004
Pediatric Early Elementary Examination PEEX 1996
Pediatric Evaluation of Disability PEDI 1992
Pediatric Examination of Educational Readiness PEER 1996
Pediatric Extended Examination at Three PEET 1986
Pediatric Interest Profiles   2000
Peer Attitudes Toward the Handicapped PATHS 1981
Perceived Efficacy & Goal Setting System PEGS 2004
Pictoral Scale of Perceived Competence   1983
Piers-Harris Self-Concept Scale   1985
Preferences for Activities of Children With Children’s Assessment of Participation & Enjoyment PAC/CAPE 2004
Prehension Assessment: Prosthetic   1987
Primary Visual Motor Test   1970
Profile of Mood States POMS 1981
Progressive Matrices Raven 1985
Purdue Pegboard   1961
Purdue Perceptual Motor Survey   1966
Quick Neurological Screening Test 2nd Ed. QNST 1998
Responsibility and Independence Scale for Adolescents RISA 1990
Rey Osterrieth Complex Figure- Boston BQSS 1994
Rey Osterrieth Complex Figure DSS 1994
Rivermead Behavioral Memory Scale   1991
Rivermead Behavioral Memory Test 3nd Ed. RBMT-3 2008
Role Checklist   1981
Routine Task Inventory    
Safety Assessment of Function & the Environment for Rehabilitation Tool SAFER               Tool 2001
San Francisco Vocational Competency   1968
Scale of Intrinsic Vs. Extrinsic   1980
Scales of Independent Behavior- Revised SIB-R 1996
School Functional Assessment SFA 1998
Scorable Self Care Evaluation SSCE 1984
Scorable Self Care Evaluation SSCE 1993
Self Assessment of Occupational Function SAOF 1990
Self Perceptions Profile for Adolescents   1990
Sensorimotor Performance Analysis   1989
Sensory Integration and Praxis Test SIPT 1989
Sensory Integration Inventory- Revised   1992
Sensory Processing Measure SPM 2007
Sensory Profile – Infant/Toddler   2002
Sensory Profile (ages 5-10)    
Sensory Profile- Adolescent/Adult   2002
Slosson Drawing Coordination SDCT 1980
Slosson Visual-Motor Peformance Test S-VMPT 1996
Smaga and Ross Integrated Battery SARIB  
Social Skills Rating System SSRS 1990
Social Support Scale for Children   1985
Southern California Sensory Integration Tests   1976
Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, 3rd Ed.   1960
Stott Test of Motor Impairment: Henderson   1984
Survey of Teenage Readiness and Neurodevelopmental Status STRANDS  
Street Survival Skills Questionnaire SSSQ 1979
Strength Development Inventory SDI 1996
Supports Intensity Scale SIS 2004
System of Multicultural Pluralistic Assessment   1979
Temperament and Atypical Behavior Scale   1999
Test of Academic Achievement Skills   1989
Test of Grocery Shopping Skills TOGSS  
Test of Handwriting Skills    
Test of Handwriting Skills -Revised THS-R 2007
Test of Sensory Functions in Infants TSFI  
Test of Visual Motor Skills- 3rd Ed.  TVMS-3 2010
Test of Visual Perceptual Skills, Non-motor, upper level and revised TVPS-R 1996
Toddler & Infant Motor Evaluation TIME 1994
Toglia Category Assessment TCA 1994
Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales; Classroom Form Edition   1985
Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales; Interview Expanded Form Edition   1984
Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales; Interview Survey Form Edition   1984
Vineland II- Adaptive Behavior Scales   2005
Visual Object & Space Perception Battery   1991
Vulpe Assessment Battery   1979
Wachs Analysis of Cognitive Structures   1984
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale- Revised WAIS-R 1981
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children- Revised WISC-R 1974
Wechsler Intelligence Scale Compilation III WISC III 1993
Wechsler Memory Scale Revised   1987
WEEFIM   1998
Weller Strawser Scales of Adaptive Behavior   1981
Worker Role Interview, 10th Version   2005