Clinical Faculty Satisfaction

The Association of American Medical Colleges released a new report last week. Clinical Faculty Satisfaction with the Academic Medicine Workplace presents findings from a survey of 6,000 clinical faculty at 23 medical schools. Boston University was not part of the sample.

The headline result is that two-thirds of faculty are satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs. The fine print is that satisfaction varies greatly by specialty. The happiest folks in the hospital are the dermatologists, and the least happy are the anesthesiologist. Significantly, faculty in general internal medicine are much more likely to be satisfied with work than faculty in medicine subspecialties.

While the survey cannot reveal the reasons behind these differences, it can point to a strong correlation between job satisfaction and retention. This gives us motivation to conduct further research on what makes a clinical faculty member feel supported. The findings will help reduce turnover at academic medical centers.


3 Responses to “Clinical Faculty Satisfaction”

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