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What’s the “C”?

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

We know what the initials  BU stand for. And we know what BMC stands for. But what about BUMC?

Look at this sign from outside the main entrance to the medical school. At the top, it welcomes visitors to “Boston University Medical Center.” At the bottom, the logo states “Boston University Medical Campus.”

Segal 005

This is not the only discrepancy. The website calls it the Boston University Medical Campus, but signs on buildings–including a large one overlooking Route 93–proclaims this the Boston University Medical Center.

I noticed when I was using the library to access a journal, the subscription was registered to Boston University Medical Center. The side of the mail truck say the same thing. But the letterhead and official communications call it the Boston University Medical Campus.

It may seem like a trivial distinction, but disagreement about the name of an institution can make it harder for its members to feel loyal. Boston Medical Center has a consistent name, logo, and even a slogan. Whether people believe it or not, they can recognize it and identify with it. BUMC could use similar branding.