My full curriculum vitae is available here (PDF): Paul_A_Dalba_CV


PhD in Astronomy. Boston University (In Progress)
MA in Astronomy. Boston University
BA in Astrophysics. University of California, Berkeley
Expected: 2018
May 2015
May 2012

Research Experience

Postdoctoral Scholar. UC Riverside, Riverside, CA
Graduate Research Assistant. Boston University, Boston, MA
Project Specialist. NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, Pasadena, CA
Undergraduate Student Researcher. UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Undergraduate Research Intern. NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, Pasadena, CA
Starting Aug 2018
Jan 2014 – Present
Jun 2012 – Jul 2013
Sep 2010 – May 2012
Jun 2011 – Aug 2011

Honors & Awards

AAS International Travel Grant
2016-2017 Outstanding Astronomy Teaching Fellow
MA Space Grant Consortium Summer Fellowship
AAS DPS Hartmann Student Travel Grant
BU Graduate Student Organization Travel Funding
Chambliss Student Achievement Award Honorable Mention
UC Berkeley, Alumni Assoc. Leadership Scholarship
National SMART Grant
Jul 2017
May 2017
2014, 2016
Nov 2015
Jul 2014
Jun 2014
Aug 2008 – May 2012
Aug 2010 – May 2012

Telescope Time Awarded

Hubble Space Telescope
Wisconsin-Indiana-Yale-NOAO (WIYN) Telescope, KPNO
DDT Javalambre Auxiliary Survey Telescope (JAST), OAJ
Spitzer Space Telescope
Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT), Lowell Observatory
Perkins Telescope, Lowell Observatory
0.6-m Telescope, Table Mountain Observatory
Shane Telescope, Lick Observatory
Nickel Telescope, Lick Observatory
24 orbits (Co-I)
3 nights (PI)
1.5 nights (PI)
106.3 hours (Co-I)
5 nights (PI)
30+ nights (Co-I)
15 nights (Co-I)
1 night (Co-I)
10 nights (PI & Co-I)

Professional Memberships

Division for Planetary Sciences
American Astronomical Society
American Geophysical Union
American Physical Society

Student Leadership

Boston Univ. Astronomy Dept: Graduate Student Representative
Boston Univ. Python Convention: Co-Founder & Instructor
Boston Univ. Graduate Student Organization: Astronomy Dept. Representative
Nov 2015 – Aug 2016
Mar 2015 – May 2016
Jan 2014 – May 2015

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