First-Author Refereed Articles (ADS Link)

  1. Dalba, P. A. “Out-of-Transit Refracted Light in the Atmospheres of Transiting and Non-Transiting Exoplanets” 2017, ApJ, 848, 91
  2. Dalba, P. A., Muirhead, P. S., Croll, B., & Kempton, E. M.-R. “Kepler Transit Depths Contaminated by a Phantom Star” 2017, AJ, 153, 59
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  6. Dalba, P. A. & Stahler, S. 2012. “Externally fed accretion on to protostars” MNRAS, 425, 1591.

Other Refereed Articles (ADS Link)

  1. Mendillo, M., Withers, P., & Dalba, P. A., “Atomic oxygen ions as ionospheric biomarkers on exoplanets” 2018, Nature Astronomy, 2, 287.
  2. Xu, S., [37 authors incl. Dalba, P. A.], “A dearth of small particles in the transiting material around the white dwarf WD 1145+017” 2018, MNRAS, 474, 4795.
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  4. Croll, B., Dalba, P. A., [13 authors], “Multiwavelength Transit Observations of the Candidate Disintegrating Planetesimals Orbiting WD 1145+017″ 2017, ApJ, 836, 82.
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  9. Marchis, F., Vachier, F., Ďurech, J., Enriquez, J. E., Harris, A. W., Dalba, P. A., [8 authors], 2013. “A detailed picture of the (93) Minerva triple system” Icarus, 224, 178.

Other Articles (ADS Link)

  1. Croll, B., Muirhead, P. S., Han, E., Dalba, P. A., [4 authors], “Long-term Multiwavelength Light Curves of Ultra-Cool Dwarfs: I. An Interplay of Starspots and Clouds Likely Drive the Variability of the L3.5 Dwarf 2MASS 0036+18” 2016, arXiv:1609.03586.
  2. Croll, B., Muirhead, P. S., Lichtman, J., Han, E., Dalba, P. A., & Radigan, J., “Long-term Multiwavelength Light Curves of Ultra-Cool Dwarfs: II. The Evolving Light Curves of the T2.5 SIMP 0136 & the Uncorrelated Light Curves of the M9 TVLM 513” 2016, arXiv:1609.03587.

Select Conference Presentations (ADS Full List)

  1. Dalba, P. A. 2018 “Refraction in exoplanet transit observations” AAS Winter Meeting.
  2. Dalba, P. A. & Wither, P. 2017 “Producing Titan Ionospheric Electron Density Profiles from Cassini Radio Occultation Data” AGU Fall Meeting.
  3. Dalba, P. A. 2017, “Atmospheric Characterization with Refracted Light” Keele Univ. Transiting Exoplanets Meeting.
  4. Dalba, P. A.Muirhead, P. S., Croll, B., & Kempton, E. M.-R. 2017, “Kepler Transit Depths Contaminated by a Phantom Star” Kepler & K2 Science Conference IV.
  5. Dalba, P. A., Withers, P., & Vogt, M. F. 2017, “Occultations of Astrophysical Radio Sources as Probes of (Exo)Planetary EnvironmentsAASTCS 5: Radio Exploration of Planetary Habitability, #202.03.
  6. Dalba, P. A. & Muirhead, P. S. 2016, “Helium in Cold, Giant Exoplanet Atmospheres” 48th AAS DPS Meeting, #122.08.
  7. Dalba, P. A., Muirhead, P. S., Hedman, M. M., Fortney, J. J., Nicholson, P. D., & Veyette, M. J. 2015, “Saturn as a Transiting Exoplanet” 47th AAS DPS Meeting, #504.01.
  8. Dalba, P. A., Muirhead, P. S., Hedman, M. M., Fortney, J. J., & Nicholson, P. D. 2014. “Modeling Exoplanet Transmission Spectra with Solar System Objects” 224th AAS Meeting, #122.12.
  9. Buratti, B. J., Dalba, P. A., Hicks, M. D., & Chang, J. P. 2014. “Enceladus: Surface Texture and Roughness as Clues to What Lies Beneath” 45th LPSC, 1777, 2038.
  10. Buratti, B. J., Dalba, P. A. et al. 2013. “Volatile Transport on Pluto: First Results from the 2013 Observing Season” AGU, #P51B-1743.
  11. Buratti, B. J., Dalba, P. A., Clark, R. N., Brown, R. H., Mosher, J. A., Baines, K. H., Nicholson, P. D. 2013. “The Opposition Surge of Icy Moons at 3.6 Microns: New Data from Cassini VIMS” 45th AAS DPS Meeting, #406.04.
  12. Hicks, M. D., Buratti, B. J., Dalba, P. A. 2013. “BVRI photometry of the Potentially Hazardous Asteorid 285263 (1998 QE2)” The Astronomer’s Telegram, #5121.
  13. Buratti, B. J., Banholzer, S., Dalba, P. A., & Edberg, S. 2012. “Teachers Touch the Sky: A Workshop in Astronomy for Teachers in Grades 3-9” 44th AAS DPS Meeting, #515.02.
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  15. Springmann, A., Dalba, P. A., Marchis, F., Vachier, F. et al. 2012. “Physical and Orbital Properties of the (22) Kalliope System from Mutual Eclipse Observations” 2012 Asteroids, Comets, & Meteors Meeting, 1667.
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  17. Dalba, P. A. & Buratti, B. J. 2011. “An IR Analysis of Cryovolcanism at Sotra Facula on Titan” AGU, #P33E-1799.
  18. Marchis, F., Descamps, P., Dalba, P. A., Enriquez, J. E. et al. 2011. “A Detailed Picture of the (93) Minerva Triple System” 2011 EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting, 653.

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