The FINAL deadline in the clip contest is today at MIDNIGHT. Or, more accurately, 11:59:59.

Please submit up to 15 singles and a 10-picture story/sequence for your shot at the $1000 grand prize.

The rules are based off the Boston Press Photographers Association College Contest, entry form can be downloaded here.


  • All entries must have been taken by a college student currently enrolled at Boston University.
  • Photographs must have been taken between 1/1/10 thru 12/13/10.
  • Photographs manipulated electronically or otherwise to alter content are not allowed, and images deemed excessively manipulated beyond professional photojournalism parameters will be disqualified.


  • 1. News – Picture of an unscheduled or scheduled event.
  • 2. Feature – A situation with strong human interest.
  • 3. Sports Picture – showing participation in a game or athletic event.
  • 4. Portrait – A strong photograph of a person, famous or not.
  • 5. Picture Story- a series of connected photographs that tell a story.

Prepare your files according to the specs in the earlier Weekly Clip Contest post below and either upload your images to the file share in the labs or email a .zip archive to dominick.reuter[at]

Now, Get It Done.

Round 3

With all due apologies for the delay, here are last week’s winners of the clip contest.

Seeing as how lab business sometimes makes it tough to honor the original idea of Thursday winner announcements, the schedule has been amended to lump everything into Monday. So stay tuned as you submit photos for each week’s deadline.

This week there was just one general “Singles” category, where Rachel Offerdahl took first place and Lathan Goumas was runner up. Rachel made the trek to restore sanity with a quarter-million other people and Jon Stewart on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Lathan continued his political coverage in anticipation of the elections last Tuesday in which incumbent Democrat Deval Patrick returned to the Governor’s seat.

In the “Stories/Sequence” category, Amy Donnelly won with her focus on an Iraq War veteran returning to college and ROTC. The judge commented positively on her “solid photos and informative captions (!!!).”

Runner up was Matt Wright, who followed a dual-high school girls rowing team from normally rival towns, Arlington and Belmont, as they competed in the Head of the Charles Regatta.

The leader board remains unchanged from last week, but the race is heating up:

  • Lathan Goumas
  • Matt Wright
  • Rachel Larue
  • Amy Donnelly
  • Rachel Offerdahl
  • Weekly Clip Contest Round 2

    The results are in and it’s good to see the momentum growing behind this contest.

    Here’s the roundup…

    Rachel Larue swept news with her images from Obama’s visit to Boston:

    And she even nabbed the first place for feature picture:

    Lathan Goumas submitted a dramatic image from the Head of the Charles Regatta:

    Matt Wright picked up the first place for stories with his package on Roller Derby:

    And Amy Donnelly placed second by following a couple on a Diamond Dash race to win a wedding ring in Boston:

    Tune in Thursday when the images that are coming in right about now will be judged.

    Here are the top five leaders:

    1. Lathan Goumas
    2. Matt Wright
    3. Rachel Larue
    4. Amy Donnelly
    5. Rachel Offerdahl

    Clip Contest – First Winners

    Congratulations to Lathan Goumas and Matt Wright, grad students who swept each of the story and singles categories, respectively.

    Lathan’s story about Richard Troise showed us a man who derives joy from flying kites over the Boston Common, and his coverage of the Obama visit looked at more than simply the POTUS.

    Matt’s pictures from a Roller Derby competition and a ROTC training showed his willingness to get in close with his subjects.

    Special thanks to Meghan Kemp, Rachel Offerdahl and Hilary Wartinger for participating, and keep it up.

    Here’s the top five leaderboard as of today:

    1. Lathan Goumas
    2. Matt Wright
    3. Meghan Kemp
    4. Rachel Offerdahl
    5. Hilary Wartinger

    For those of you who haven’t heard what is on the line, at the end of the semester the overall winner in points will win $1000, with $500 going to the runner up and $250 going to third place. The next deadline is Monday, so get your pictures ready.

    Roll it on over

    At the determination of this weeks judge, the contest entries and points from this week will be rolled over into next weeks competition to determine a first place winner and runner up.

    Due to the class holiday, please make sure to get your pictures in by noon on Tuesday, October 12.