From the Boston Press Photographers Association:

A sweep for Boston University Photojournalism Program.

Congratulations to Nick, Ying, Andrew, and Tiago for first place honors, and to Max, Will, Ilir and Sarah for rounding out the bunch!

There will be a gallery posted with the winning images posted once we round them all up.



2008 BPPA College Photo Contest

Our judges this year were Faith Ninivaggi of the Boston Herald, Bill Greene of the Boston Globe and Bill Sikes of the Associated Press. They shared their comments on the first place winner’s images in each category.


NEWS – Nicholas Welles “Hope” – Well composed, good emotion and use of available light. “You can feel what she is feeling”

FEATURE – Ying Shi “Blue” – Great layering, it really draws you in. Simple and interesting at the same time

PORTRAIT – Andrew Bisdale “South Street Seaport” – Nice lines…Very Cool

SPORTS – Nicholas Welles “Defeat” – Clean Image, Quiet Moment

PICTURE STORY – Tiago Genoveze “Bob Wright” – Well done, visually very thorough. Great moments of human warmth. This picture story stood out immediately from all the rest


1. Nicholas Welles – Hope
2. Max Esposito – Waiting for History
3. Andrew Bisdale – Inauguration 2009


1. Ying Shi – Blue
2. Nicholas Welles – Light and Shadows
3. William Nunnally – Salsa for Hancock


1. Andrew Bisdale – South Street Seaport
2. Andrew Bisdale – Keren’s Big Audition
3. Ilir Bajraktari – Atheist


1. Nicholas Welles – Defeat
2. Max Esposito – Our Win
3. Sarabeth Glicksteen – The Sport of Warlocks

Picture Story

1. Tiago Genoveze – Bob Wright
2. Ilir Bajraktari – Boxer Training
3. Ilir Bajraktari – Prosthetic Hunter

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