Clip Contest – First Winners

Congratulations to Lathan Goumas and Matt Wright, grad students who swept each of the story and singles categories, respectively.

Lathan’s story about Richard Troise showed us a man who derives joy from flying kites over the Boston Common, and his coverage of the Obama visit looked at more than simply the POTUS.

Matt’s pictures from a Roller Derby competition and a ROTC training showed his willingness to get in close with his subjects.

Special thanks to Meghan Kemp, Rachel Offerdahl and Hilary Wartinger for participating, and keep it up.

Here’s the top five leaderboard as of today:

  1. Lathan Goumas
  2. Matt Wright
  3. Meghan Kemp
  4. Rachel Offerdahl
  5. Hilary Wartinger

For those of you who haven’t heard what is on the line, at the end of the semester the overall winner in points will win $1000, with $500 going to the runner up and $250 going to third place. The next deadline is Monday, so get your pictures ready.

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