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The FINAL deadline in the clip contest is today at MIDNIGHT. Or, more accurately, 11:59:59. Please submit up to 15 singles and a 10-picture story/sequence for your shot at the $1000 grand prize. The rules are based off the Boston Press Photographers Association College Contest, entry form can be downloaded here. Eligibility All entries must […]

Weekly Clip Contest Round 2

The results are in and it’s good to see the momentum growing behind this contest. Here’s the roundup… Rachel Larue swept news with her images from Obama’s visit to Boston: And she even nabbed the first place for feature picture: Lathan Goumas submitted a dramatic image from the Head of the Charles Regatta: Matt Wright […]

Clip Contest – First Winners

Congratulations to Lathan Goumas and Matt Wright, grad students who swept each of the story and singles categories, respectively. Lathan’s story about Richard Troise showed us a man who derives joy from flying kites over the Boston Common, and his coverage of the Obama visit looked at more than simply the POTUS. Matt’s pictures from […]

Student Websites

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a lot of internet activity in the Photo Labs. All-Stars like Brooks Canaday, Kate Samp, and Max Esposito have launched slick-looking photo websites powered by WordPress. Check them out and make sure to give them your feedback. Plus, there are more sites […]

Printing Tips

Okay, so there’s a lot of confusion about printing lately, so here’s a quick list of things to look out for: First: In Photoshop CS2, choose File->Print With Preview. In CS3, just pick File->Print. Second: The dialogue boxes for CS2 and CS3 are different, but the important stuff is still there. Make sure you choose […]