Announcing the BU Photo Weekly Contest

The BU Photojournalism program will be holding a series of weekly student photo clip contests. The categories include: best photo story/sequence, best single news photo and best single feature photo. Students can submit up to one five-picture photo story and up to five combined single news and feature photos.

This points-based weekly contest will conclude with a final portfolio submission at the end of the semester, which can help contestants earn points towards their final score.

The student who accumulates the most points at the end of the semester wins a prize that will be announced soon. Trust us… it will be good!


The weekly deadline for submissions is Monday by 12pm. No late submissions will be accepted.

Photos are to be submitted to the dropbox located on the BU Photo file-share to the corresponding folders.


File names must be formatted in the following manner:

(LastnameFirstname)(Deadline Date)(Category)(Sequence#)

Example File Names:

–       Five Picture Photo Story (S)

  • ReuterDominick0924S1
  • ReuterDominick0924S2
  • ReuterDominick0924S3
  • ReuterDominick0924S4
  • ReuterDominick0924S5

–       Single News Photo (N)

  • ReuterDominick0924N1

–       Single Feature Photo (F)

  • ReuterDominick0924F1

Contestants can enter ONE, five picture photo story. Contestants can also submit up to five photos for single news and single feature story categories combined. Sports pictures should be divided between news and feature categories, as appropriate. No entry can exceed ten pictures total.


Each photo must be submitted as a jpg at a minimum of 3000x2000px.

An UNEDITED version of each image submitted must be made available on request.


Photos must contain an embedded caption containing a caption and copyright notice. Photos submitted without a caption will not be accepted.

Captions MUST include the following:

–       Date the photo was taken

–       Location of the photo

–       Name of the photographer, college and year of graduation

Example: September 20, 2010 – Boston, MA – Boston University photojournalism student Matt Wright edits photos in the photojournalism lab of the College of Communication, located at 640 Commonwealth Avenue. (Photo by Dominick Reuter, COM 2011)


Any student that has completed a photojournalism class may submit.

Entrants receive one point per picture submitted to the contest.

Ten points will be awarded to the winner of each category every week.

Five points will be awarded to the runner-up of each category every week.

BU Photojournalism faculty members will judge the entries on a rotating basis.

Weekly winners and images will be posted by the following Monday at noon.

Student Websites

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a lot of internet activity in the Photo Labs.

All-Stars like Brooks Canaday, Kate Samp, and Max Esposito have launched slick-looking photo websites powered by WordPress. Check them out and make sure to give them your feedback.

Plus, there are more sites from more students in the works. We’ll keep you posted when they go live.

Until then, great work, Brooks, Kate and Max.

[ed. – and Kristyn!]

Printing Tips

Okay, so there’s a lot of confusion about printing lately, so here’s a quick list of things to look out for:

First: In Photoshop CS2, choose File->Print With Preview. In CS3, just pick File->Print.

Second: The dialogue boxes for CS2 and CS3 are different, but the important stuff is still there. Make sure you choose the right printer here.

Third: Click on ‘Page Setup…” and select the right printer and paper size and orientation.

Fourth: If there is an option to ‘Match Print Colors’ uncheck the box.

Fifth: There is a selector box that says either “Color Management” or “Output”. Click on it and choose “Color Management”

  • Choose “Document”
  • Color Handling: Photoshop Manages Colors
  • Printer Profile: will be a combination of the printer code and the paper finish, e.g. SPR2400 Premium Luster, or SPR1800 PremiumGlossy. Pick the one that matches your printer and paper. 
  • Rendering Intent: There are four options. The selected option will have a description appear below when you mouse over the option bar. Read the description and choose the best fit for you. 
  • Double check to make sure the “Match Print Colors” option is unchecked.

Sixth: Hit “Print…” This will take you our of Photoshop and into the particular printer control panel.

Seventh: For your printer, select the appropriate model. DO NOT SEND PRINTS TO COMPHOTOBROTHER. Also, click on the triangle to the right to expand the print options.

Eighth: On the option bar that says “Layout” click and select “Print Settings”

  • Page Setup: Standard
  • Media Type: Set for your paper, e.g. glossy, luster, etc.
  • Color: Color
  • Color Settings: OFF (No Color Adjustment) <– If this is on, the printer fights with Photoshop and gives unpredictable results.
  • Mode: Advanced
  • Print Quality: Photo or Best Photo — you choose.
  • Uncheck High Speed

Ninth: You can save the setup in the “Presets” option bar, so you don’t have to go through this dance every time you make a print. I recommend giving an intuitive name like 2400 Luster.

Tenth: Hit Print.


Other notes: 

  • Apple monitors are very bright, which can make you perceive your pictures inaccurately. Dim the monitor to half brightness with the buttons on the side of it to get a better sense of what the print will look like. 
  • If the colors are spotty or there are weird lines, use the printer utility to run a couple checks: HD->Applications->Epson Print Utility 3.


Alright, good luck. And as always, if you run into any problems, email photo[at]bu[dot]edu.

– D


So easy a four-year-old can do it

Be like Kylie and send us your pictures. It doesn’t matter if you are a Mac or a PC.

We’re compiling a gallery of photos from the people and places everyone saw over spring break. If you found interesting stories, we want to see them.


From the Boston Press Photographers Association:

A sweep for Boston University Photojournalism Program.

Congratulations to Nick, Ying, Andrew, and Tiago for first place honors, and to Max, Will, Ilir and Sarah for rounding out the bunch!

There will be a gallery posted with the winning images posted once we round them all up.



2008 BPPA College Photo Contest

Our judges this year were Faith Ninivaggi of the Boston Herald, Bill Greene of the Boston Globe and Bill Sikes of the Associated Press. They shared their comments on the first place winner’s images in each category.


NEWS – Nicholas Welles “Hope” – Well composed, good emotion and use of available light. “You can feel what she is feeling”

FEATURE – Ying Shi “Blue” – Great layering, it really draws you in. Simple and interesting at the same time

PORTRAIT – Andrew Bisdale “South Street Seaport” – Nice lines…Very Cool

SPORTS – Nicholas Welles “Defeat” – Clean Image, Quiet Moment

PICTURE STORY – Tiago Genoveze “Bob Wright” – Well done, visually very thorough. Great moments of human warmth. This picture story stood out immediately from all the rest


1. Nicholas Welles – Hope
2. Max Esposito – Waiting for History
3. Andrew Bisdale – Inauguration 2009


1. Ying Shi – Blue
2. Nicholas Welles – Light and Shadows
3. William Nunnally – Salsa for Hancock


1. Andrew Bisdale – South Street Seaport
2. Andrew Bisdale – Keren’s Big Audition
3. Ilir Bajraktari – Atheist


1. Nicholas Welles – Defeat
2. Max Esposito – Our Win
3. Sarabeth Glicksteen – The Sport of Warlocks

Picture Story

1. Tiago Genoveze – Bob Wright
2. Ilir Bajraktari – Boxer Training
3. Ilir Bajraktari – Prosthetic Hunter