Resrch. Group

Current students:

  • Weicong Ding (PhD candidate)
    Learning Mixed-Membership Models with a Separable Latent Structure: theory, provably efficient algorithms, and applications.
  • Jonathan Wu (PhD candidate, co-advisor: Prof. J. Konrad)
    BodyLogin: Next-generation user authentication using gestures.
  • Ji Dai (MS candidate, co-advisor: Prof. J. Konrad)
    Privacy-preserving activity and gesture recognition using extremely low resolution sensors.
  • Zixuan (Oscar) Pan (MS candidate, co-advisor: Prof. L. Guo, College of Communication)
    Active learning algorithms for Twitter data analysis.

Post-doctoral researchers:

  • Dr. Behrouz Saghafi (Aug. 2014 – to date, joint with Prof. J. Konrad)
  • Dr. Mohammad H. Rohban (Sep. 2012 – Aug. 2013) – Lecturer, Rochester Institute of Technology (since Sep. 2013)

Graduated PhD students:

  • Limor Martin (PhD, Electr. Eng., 2014, co-advisor: Prof. W. C. Karl, PhD thesis: Enhanced Information Extraction in Multi-Energy X-Ray Tomography for Security) – Postdoc, ECE BU (since Jan. 2014)
  • Kai Guo (PhD, Electr. Eng., 2011, co-advisor: Prof. J. Konrad, PhD thesis: Action recognition using log-covariance matrices of silhouette and optical-flow features) – Qualcomm, San Diego, CA (since Oct. 2011)
  • Burkay Birant Orten (PhD, Electr. Eng., 2011, co-advisor: Prof. W. C. Karl, PhD thesis: Exploitation of sensing structure in high-dimensional decision making motivated by computed tomography perfusion imaging) – Turn Inc., Redwood City, CA (since Aug. 2011)
  • Ye Wang (PhD, Electr. Eng., 2011, PhD thesis: Information-theoretically secure computation and inference in networks) – MERL, Cambridge, MA (since Aug.2012). AgaMatrix, Inc., Salem, NH (Sep.2011–Aug.2012).
  • Nan Ma (PhD, Electr. Eng., 2010, PhD thesis: Interactive source coding for function computation in networks, Winner of best ECE doctoral dissertation award at Boston University) – Yammer, San Francisco, CA (since Nov. 2012). Insight Data Science Fellow (Aug.-Oct. 2012). Postdoctoral Researcher, EECS Department, University of California, Berkeley (Oct. 2010 – Jul. 2012).

Graduated MS students:

  • Fengzhou Sun (MEng, Electr. Eng., 2015, co-advisor: Prof. L. Guo, Research project: Topic Modeling Algorithms for Twitter data analysis) – Starkey Hearing Technology, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Shashank Shekhar (MS, Sys. Eng., 2014, MS project: Finding Local News on Twitter: News Word Algorithm) – Lumiata, San Mateo, CA.
  • Katherine Terracciano (MS, Electr. Eng., 2014, MS project: Vehicle Classification Techniques) – Systems and Technology Research (STR), Woburn, MA.
  • Meng Wang (MS, Electr. Eng., 2012, co-advisor: Prof. J. Konrad, MS project: Fast, Fully-Automated 2D to 3D Image Conversion) – co-founder: Orbeus Inc., Bay Area, CA (since May 2012). Google Inc., Mountain View, CA (since Aug.2012). Semi-finalist of the MIT 100K contest (, first prize at the Pitch Contest of the Annual Harvard Entrepreneurship Competition (see this article) as well as the “Most Likely to be Acquired by Dr Evil in his plan for World Domination” prize at the 2012 MIT In-Now-Vation Showcase.
  • Yifan Yu (MS, Electr. Eng., 2010, co-advisor: Prof. J. Konrad, MS project: Real-time background subtraction in C++)
  • Elena Loya Choi Zorn (MS, Electr. Eng., 2010, co-advisor: Prof. J. Konrad, MS project: A study of color spaces for colonoscopy prepration assessment) – Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA
  • Huan-Yu Wu (MS, Electr. Eng., 2010, co-advisor:  Prof. J. Konrad, MS project: Sliding-window ribbon carving for video condensation) – Co-founder, Director of Technology at Waygo, CA.
  • Jamie Martini (MS, Electr. Eng., 2009, MS project: Efficient visual tracking within a sequential Bayesian filtering framework) – iZotope Inc., Cambridge, MA
  • Cristina Esteve (MS, Electr. Eng., 2009, co-advisor: Prof. J. Konrad, MS project: Color-based scoring of colonoscopy video) – Ericsson, CA
  • Wei Liu (MS, Electr. Eng., 2008, co-advisor:  Prof. J. Konrad, MS project: Streaming video condensation by ribbon carving)
  • Yue Yin (MS, Electr. Eng., 2008, MS project: Detection of anomalous high-dimensional co-occurrences)
  • Zhuang Li (MS, Electr. Eng., 2008, co-advisor: Prof. J. Konrad, MS project: Video condensation by ribbon carving) – MathWorks, Natick, MA
  • Ye Wang (MS, Electr. Eng., 2008, MS project: Non-parametric field estimation with randomly deployed, noisy binary sensors) – MERL, Cambridge, MA (since Aug.2012). AgaMatrix, Inc., Salem, NH (Sep.2011–Aug.2012).
  • Ankur Sakhuja (MS, Electr. Eng., 2007, MS project: Techniques for digital image morphing and resizing) – AMD, Allston, MA
  • Animesh Kumar (MS, EECS, UC Berkeley, 2003, co-advisor: Prof. K. Ramchandran, MS thesis: Distributed Sampling in Dense Sensor Networks: a “bit-conservation” principle) – Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India

BS and High-School students:

  • James Christianson (BS, Comp. Eng., 2016, co-advisor: Prof. J. Konrad, BU Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, summer 2014)
  • Luke Sorenson (BS, Comp. Eng., 2016, co-advisor: Prof. J. Konrad, BU Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, summer 2013)
  • William Moik (BS, Biomed. Eng., 2014, co-advisor: Prof. J. Konrad, research scholar, summer 2013)
  • Lucas Liang (Middlesex School, BU RISE scholar, summer 2013, co-advisor: Prof. J. Konrad)
  • Kam Lai (BS, Electr. Eng., 2012, co-advisor: Prof. J. Konrad, BS Honors Senior Thesis: Real-time gesture recognition for human-machine interaction using the Kinect) – MS, Electr. Eng., Columbia University (since Sep. 2012)
  • Rudiger Lippert (BS, Electr. Eng., 2008, BU Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, summer 2007: Developed a new form of additive musical sound synthesis) – Software Developer at Factual Inc., Los Angeles, CA (since Sep. 2011). MS, Electr. Eng., UCLA, 2010.