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Obama to set oil import goals

President Obama is expected to call for a reduction of oil imports by one-third in the next decade. Boston University geography professor Robert Kaufmann, director of graduate studies at  BU’s Center for Energy and Environmental Studies offers the following comment: “Economic incentives to reduce U.S. dependence on oil imports by increasing domestic production will not […]

Michael Corgan talks to NECN on President Obama’s speech on Libya

Boston University international relations professor Michael Corgan gives his assessment of President Obama’s speech on Libya. “The president is walking a tightrope because a lot depends on what the Libyan rebels do or do not do. “Regime change is difficult. Who will emerge as the leader?” Watch the entire NECN interview here. Contact Michael Corgan, […]

What Obama & Congress should do for nutrition

Associate Clinical Professor of Nutrition at Sargent College, Joan Salge Blake (@joansagleblake) offers the one thing she thinks should be done by the President for the good of the economy and the country (via myHealthNewsDaily.com) with regard to nutrition: “If I could say one thing, it would be to encourage him to continue establishing the […]