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Summer Internal Drive

Summer. Many people think beaches, day and sleep away camps, fun in the sun, freedom and independence. This is true for Lucy and Charlotte. But when I think of “Ben” and “summer” in the same sentence, I literally sweat. I think about the availability of beach wheelchairs, and camps that provide the right mix of […]

Red Carpet Reception

He wore stripes, just like many Dr. Seuss characters, but was missing a great big hat. But that didn’t stop a standing ovation from the Sprague School community, as Ben wheeled his walker down the red carpet Friday morning to accept the “Hats off to Reading” award at Sprague’s 6th annual A-CAT-emy Awards–the reading and […]

Goodbye Gabriel

He loved the show Yo Gabba Gabba and his older brother Andre. He smiled and laughed all the time, even through many episodes of pain. He was his mother’s joy and love, and she fought so, so hard to get him all the care he needed. And he said his goodbye to his family and […]

Summer Computing Fun!

Finally, by the middle-to-end of July, I feel like we’ve got the summer rhythm going. Boy, it took a while! For me, summer is one of those things that I know will hit, but like the first snowstorm, I am always surprised when it does. I wish Sherin and I had the time to take […]

Flying High!

When Ben was 5, his greatest wish was to fly. He didn’t care how–either planes or rockets would do. He was granted a room in which he could dream of flying, from the incredibly generous Room to Dream Foundation, who selected Ben as the third child (at that time) to benefit from a newly created […]


Are any of you old enough to remember David Bowie’s song Changes? It was the theme of one high school homecoming dance…I won’t say which year! There are lots of changes going on. It’s getting towards the end of the school year, but it’s not just the end of any school year. Ben is graduating […]

The ABLE Act

Tonight I was witness to the most interesting of sibling disputes. How do you define “volume” and “mass” and how are they different? [Don’t ask me!] Lucy and Ben got into a heated debate about this, and Ben ended up turning to his iPad for the answer. Both claim they are right. I had to […]

“Ben’s Busy Day at the Hospital”

Have you ever looked for books to help your child cope with an upcoming surgery, or to help your child get through a long bout of illness? If you have, then you know that most children’s books in this genre are based on one type of surgery (eg, ear tubes) or for minor activities like visiting […]

Good Day, Good People!

My cabbie in New Orleans this morning hailed me with “Good day!” as I left my hotel bright and early to join colleagues at Cafe du Monde, the 24-hour eatery famed for its beignets and chicory coffee. I asked the cabbie if there is a good way to respond to this and he said “We’re […]