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Birthday Boy…Drumroll please!

What do JK Rowling, Harry Potter and Ben Elwy all have in common? They were all born on July 31! There are many similarities between Ben and Harry. For one, they both have scars (although Ben wishes he had a cool lightning-shaped one). They both like moving fast. And they both have parents who adore(d) […]

The Road Others Traveled

Tonight, days after Katie Beckett died at the age of 34, Ben performed with classmates from seven other elementary schools in the All Town Band. Although Ben had initially been nervous about playing both in his school and All Town band, and I knew that my involvement at all rehearsals was going to be necessary […]

Good Day, Good People!

My cabbie in New Orleans this morning hailed me with “Good day!” as I left my hotel bright and early to join colleagues at Cafe du Monde, the 24-hour eatery famed for its beignets and chicory coffee. I asked the cabbie if there is a good way to respond to this and he said “We’re […]