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Iceland Pre-Op Adventure

Ben is scheduled for spinal fusion surgery on April 4. We’ve known this was going to happen since last August, but willingly blocked it out of our minds until this year. Since January, however, we’ve had to face reality: we’ve had school and therapist meetings to prepare for Ben’s 6 weeks away from school, we’ve […]

What is Implementation Science?

Cherry blossoms, frizzy hair, and a truly accessible Metro. Where am I? In Washington, DC, of course (you knew at the cherry blossoms!), attending the 5th annual NIH Science of Dissemination and Implementation Conference. When Lucy was nearly 2, she and I traveled from London to visit my brother who was then working as a […]

Children’s Hospital Boston Listens!

I love it when I feel heard. Not just head-nodding or pretend listening, but the kind of listening that leads to action. Children’s Hospital Boston has really heard me. Today, Ben, my husband Sherin and I attended one of Ben’s many orthopedic appointments. Ben sees orthopedic specialists for his hips, knees, wrists/elbows, spine and also […]

Hello world!

I’m on London time after a glorious week’s visit there, visiting old friends and nostalgic settings. I’m often awake at 4 am, thinking about the things I should be doing, but also about the things I really want to do. One thing that I’ve wanted to do was write a blog about our lives with […]