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A Tale of Two Agencies

On Ben’s birthday last week, a birthday he shares with Harry Potter (July 31), he should have received his letter via owl inviting him to join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the fall. Instead, he received a barrage of snail mail from the Office of Medicaid (aka MassHealth) from the Executive Office of […]

Ben’s Road Traveled

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. –Robert Frost It’s been 18 days since Ben’s surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital, which involved attaching titanium rods to his T1 and T12 vertebrae to create tension to straighten his thoracic spine. By […]

Summer Computing Fun!

Finally, by the middle-to-end of July, I feel like we’ve got the summer rhythm going. Boy, it took a while! For me, summer is one of those things that I know will hit, but like the first snowstorm, I am always surprised when it does. I wish Sherin and I had the time to take […]

A Tentative HOORAY!

I’m spending an intellectually exhilarating–yet a little exhausting!–week with 19 other Implementation Research Institute Fellows in my first year out of two years of training in the state of the art in implementation science. I’m trying to figure out which strategies will be most effective in making sure that evidence-based practices for treating Veteran patients […]

Always Ask!

Charlotte’s first foray into the land of Wellesley Little League has recently ended, and I think Ben is glad. We went to a lot of Sunday afternoon t-ball games this Spring, and we experienced excitement like a wasp’s nest in a tree above our head that made us run for our lives. Ben put the […]

Flying High!

When Ben was 5, his greatest wish was to fly. He didn’t care how–either planes or rockets would do. He was granted a room in which he could dream of flying, from the incredibly generous Room to Dream Foundation, who selected Ben as the third child (at that time) to benefit from a newly created […]

Are You Attached?

When my oldest daughter Lucy was born in 1998, it took me one week to realize that this young lass was never going to sleep according to my schedule. Daytime–always asleep. Nightime–always awake. Unless I planned on becoming nocturnal, I was just going to have to figure out a way to cope. Enter the family […]

The ABLE Act

Tonight I was witness to the most interesting of sibling disputes. How do you define “volume” and “mass” and how are they different? [Don’t ask me!] Lucy and Ben got into a heated debate about this, and Ben ended up turning to his iPad for the answer. Both claim they are right. I had to […]

Eighteen Years…and Counting

On August 16, 1991, I returned to London after a two-week trip to visit my dad and my grandparents in Kolkata, India. My grandfather had recently had a stroke, and I needed to get to Kolkata fast. The cheapest way? Fly Aeroflot–via Moscow, Sharjah and New Delhi, eventually landing in Kolkata. I’ll never do it […]

Caregiving, a TEDMED challenge

If any of you teach, then you know how an inspiring teacher can be mesmerizing to an otherwise tired, overloaded group of students. I’m not often that rousing teacher, but this year, I became a fan of TED Talks to help create that bolt of motivation when it was lacking. A TED Talk by physician […]