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A Tale of Two Agencies

On Ben’s birthday last week, a birthday he shares with Harry Potter (July 31), he should have received his letter via owl inviting him to join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the fall. Instead, he received a barrage of snail mail from the Office of Medicaid (aka MassHealth) from the Executive Office of […]

A New Year’s Gift

Massachusetts is a special state (nay, Commonwealth!), which has more comprehensive programs for helping children with medical complications than many other states. For that reason, I always tell Sherin we are never moving. A job in NY or London? Fine–but that’s a long commute for you! Still, no state or commonwealth is perfect, and one […]

A Tentative HOORAY!

I’m spending an intellectually exhilarating–yet a little exhausting!–week with 19 other Implementation Research Institute Fellows in my first year out of two years of training in the state of the art in implementation science. I’m trying to figure out which strategies will be most effective in making sure that evidence-based practices for treating Veteran patients […]

The Road Others Traveled

Tonight, days after Katie Beckett died at the age of 34, Ben performed with classmates from seven other elementary schools in the All Town Band. Although Ben had initially been nervous about playing both in his school and All Town band, and I knew that my involvement at all rehearsals was going to be necessary […]

The ABLE Act

Tonight I was witness to the most interesting of sibling disputes. How do you define “volume” and “mass” and how are they different? [Don’t ask me!] Lucy and Ben got into a heated debate about this, and Ben ended up turning to his iPad for the answer. Both claim they are right. I had to […]