WordPress Link-O-Rama

Some links to WordPress articles I’ve come across recently that may be of future benefit. Post them here so I don’t forget.

Creating Custom Write Panels in WordPress (tutorial) – how to create a write panel (in a metabox) to gather very specific, categorized information. Could be handy if, for instance, a Service Overview or Product Overview template were to be built as a custom entry screen in place of the standard WP page content dialogue.

FAQ for Universities Interested in WordPress – no explanation needed.

Wpazo – The Best of WordPress Stuff – links, news, announcements … all related to WordPress.

Users, Roles, and Capabilities in WordPress – Great explanation of how these components work in WordPress, with some common assumptions debunked.

Members – a WP plugin for creating custom roles and assign capabilities to those roles. Integrated with Gravity Forms, which is how I found this link.

WPshout – another links, news, announcements site for WordPress-related stuff.