Shop Smart in the Grain and Cereal Aisle

Fresh bagels have a hefty price tag and a hefty amount of calories

Food Size and Price Per Package Cost/Unit
Brown rice pilaf mix 2.2-ounce pouch, $1.50 $5.22 per pound
Brown rice 28-ounce bag, $2.19 $1.25 per pound

Tip 1: Forget the seasoned rice mixes. You’re often paying for a little bit of seasoning and a whole lot of sodium — over 650 milligrams of sodium in a serving of pilaf! Cook your own brown rice sprinkled with bouillon granules and a dash of pepper at a sprinkling of the cost.


Food Size and Price Per Package Cost/Unit
Bagels, bakery dozen (12), $7.92 $.66 each
Bagels, frozen bag (6), $1.85 $.31 each

Tip 2: Frozen bagels will not only save you twice the moolah, but also at least twice the calories. The smaller, 2 ounce, 150 calorie, frozen varieties are much closer to a standard bagel portion. Those four-ounce plus bakery bagels can be as big as a grapefruit and the equivalent of a donut at over 300 calories.


Food Size and Price Per Package Cost/Unit
Oatmeal, instant 12 – one ounce packets, $3.69 $5.00 per pound
Oatmeal, quick cook 42 ounce drum, $4.19 $1.60 per pound

Tip 3: Here’s a shock-a-roo: When it comes to preparation time, instant oatmeal isn’t any more “instant” than the quick cook type. Both varieties of oatmeal take about 1-1/2 to 2 minutes to cook in the microwave. Grab the quick cook and save some moola.


Food Size and Price Per Package Cost/Unit
Whole wheat sandwich rolls 16 oz package, 6 rolls, $2.99 $.50 per roll
Whole wheat bread 24 ounce loaf, $2.69 $.25 per 2 slices (about 2 oz)

Tip 4: Two slices of whole wheat bread provide the same amount of sandwich coverage as a roll at about half the cost. Stick with the bread.