Research: Working Papers and Works-in-Progress

Intra-Firm Behavior, Managers and Management

  1. What Do Good Managers Do? Evidence from an Insurance Firm in India [Submitted]
  2. Learning-by-Doing and Managerial Productivity: Evidence from an Insurance Firm in India
  3. Optimal Contracts for Heterogeneous Recruiters

Firms, Performance and Productivity

  1. Clusters, Collaboration and Firm Performance: Evidence from India [Available on SSRN]
  2. Business Sentiments in the times of COVID-19 (with Bornali Bhandari, Ajaya Sahu and KS Urs) [Under Review] [Available on SSRN]

Financial Inclusion

  1. Financial Access of Unbanked Villages in India from 1951-2019: A Spatial Approach (with Sandhya Garg), IEG Working Paper No. 403 [Under Review]
  2. Distortion in Credit Disbursement in India’s Lead Bank Scheme [Covered in Ideas for India]
  3. Enterprise Financing by Self-Help Groups: Predictive Determinants and Impact Assessment using methods from Machine Learning (with Madhura Dasgupta) [Slides available on request]

Media and Political Outcomes

  1. Internet-based Media and Political Outcomes [Under Review]
  2. Media, Attention Constrained Voters and Benevolent Propagandists [Slides available on request]


  1. Price and Tax Elasticity of Alcohol Consumption: Evidence from Seven Indian States (with Soumi Roy Chowdhury)