“Expansion & Contraction of the International Neighborhood”

February 18-19, 2011


Sponsored by the Boston University Department of International Relations, The BU Center for International Relations, The BU Center for the Study of Asia, and the Graduate International Relations Council


Friday, February 18th

5:00 pm – Registration begins at the Trustee’s Ballroom, 9th Floor, SMG Building (1 Silber Way)

6:00 pm – Trustee’s Ballroom, 9th Floor, SMG Building (1 Silber Way) – Keynote Address

6:45 pm – Reception

7:30-8:30 – Dinner w/participants, moderators

Saturday, February 19th

All Saturday Events Will Take Place at 154 Bay State Road Unless Otherwise Noted

9:30 am – IRB 100 – Breakfast

10:30 am – IRB 220 – The Environment as Neighbor: International Development and Natural Resources

Moderator: Professor Helwege

Kristin Sippl: “Prospects for Natural Resource Certification in the Democratic Republic of Congo”
Nyambati R. Aori: “Globalization and the 21st-Century World”
Satgin Hamrah: “Peak Oil: A tragedy for the world’s most vulnerable”

IRB 102 – Neighborhood Watch: The U.S. at War

Moderator: Professor Wippl

Adam Cox: “Win-Lose-Hold?: Adapting Strategy and Force Structure to the New International Security Environment”
Krist Thodoropoulos: “Georgia: U.S. Support as a force for stability”
Eugenia Garrisi: “EU-US Agreement on the Transfer of Financial Messaging Data for purposes of the Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme (TFTP): a case study”
Fu En-Ping: “From Mercantalist ‘Isolation’ to Strategic Involvement: An Interactive Institutionalist Explanation of U.S. Responses to Japanese Acts of Aggression, 1931-1941”

12:00 pm – Lunch

1:00 pm – IRB 102 – Society as Neighbor: Civil Society and Transnational Actors

Moderator: Professor Norton

Satgin Hamrah: “Women & the 2009 Iranian Presidential Elections”
Mentor Mustafa: Contestations of Trans-national Sacred Landscapes and the Albanian Bektashi Perspective on Islam and the ‘International Neighborhood’”
Anshul Jain: “Standoff in Iran: New Media, Transnational Civil Society and the Prospects for Political Reform”
Brian Trenor: “The Polish Desk: Zbigniew Brzezinski and Radio Free Europe”

IRB 220 – The Gears of Internal Policy & Development: China

Moderator: Professor Fewsmith

Ceren Ergenc:
“Public Participation in Reform China: A Case Study on Public Hearings”
Gao Xiang: “The Institutional Foundation of the Chinese Developmental Government”
Rumin Luo: “Migration, Integration and Life Chances – An Empirical Study of Urban China”
Chun-Yi Sum: “An Exercise for the People’s Republic: Order and Discipline in the Morning Ritual of a Chinese Primary School”

2:30 pm – IRB 102 – Neighborly Behavior – Ethics, the Theory of War, and Military Power

Moderator: Professor Arreguín-Toft

Kristin Sippl: “Just War Theory and Autonomous Weapons Systems: The Ethics and Impact of Distancing Soldiers from the Battlefield”
Kamae Ippei: “Why Hasn’t Japan Gone Nuclear?”
Chien-Kai Chen: “Taiwan’s Ambiguous International Status”
Abram Trosky: “Of the People, by the People, and for other Peoples? The Expansion of National to International Politics in Howard Zinn’s Philosophy of History”

IRB 220 – Gated Communities? Regional Integration and the International Neighborhood

Moderator: Professor Schilde

Lenka Wieluns: “The European Neighborhood: Privileged, Tentative or Frozen?”
Jerome Marston: “Are Small and Medium States Superior to Large?: The Role a State’s Size Plays in Regional Integration”
Cristal Downing: “Smoke and Mirrors: The United States’ elusive approach to human rights in the War on Drugs in Mexico and why a focus on institutional development could be the solution”
Jocelyn Levin: “The Eurobarometer: Reporting and shaping European public opinion”

4:30 pm – BU Pub (225 Bay State Road) – Reception