Accountability of Schools of Education

Dean Hardin Coleman discusses how schools of education must be accountable for their students both while they are still in school and also after graduation in order to ensure they are effective teachers. and educational professionals.


Joe C. posted on April 16, 2013 at 4:52 pm

As an SED alum who feels he was very prepared for the classroom as a result of the time I spent at SED I couldn’t agree more with Dean Coleman’s comments. However, it is shocking to me that in one breath SED can acknowledge the amount of pedagogy and knowledge of child development that goes into becoming an effective teacher but in the next continue to support alternate programs like TFA that put under-qualified “teachers” in the highest need classrooms after a 6 week training course. If SED believes that effective teachers need everything Dean Coleman listed, then how can they support a program that sends people into classrooms absent of these skills. It took 4 years of blending content knowledge and pedagogy to make me the teacher I am today. It did not happen over night. If SED and Dean Coleman mean what they say in the video about what it means to be an effective teacher they must stop supporting the view of education as a community service project, and put real distance between the real teachers they produce through a rigorous program, and the volunteers of TFA. The next time I visit SED I hope to not be bombarded with flyer after flyer and poster after poster supporting this program. And on a final note, if I am ever in the position to donate to SED (after my debt is paid off with my small teacher salary), I will not send a dime until SED stands for real teachers, and real solutions to the achievement gap.

Moni posted on December 28, 2013 at 12:01 pm

Great article. Congratulations!

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