From CGS to SED

Wall Illustration

Artwork by Jason Gan

From CGS to SED by Jack Wall, SED 2015

Finally getting to SED, finally getting to my new home has been a pretty long journey for me. Since September 2011 my base, here at BU, was The College of General Studies. For those unfamiliar with BU’s CGS, it’s a two-year college wherein a new BU student completes a majority of their core concentration education within a guided curriculum. Students are divided into different teams, which translates into about 25 students per discussion and 12 students per writing seminar. As a student, you see the same group of peers every day.

While the prospect of seeing the same group of faces every day may sound monotonous, it’s this team system that fosters some of the liveliest friendships I’ve made since getting to BU.

Walking into the classroom every day, and being able to rely on having a friend behind the door was always comforting. It was sort of like having some sort of bizarre, insanely large family. So after two years, saying goodbye to CGS was actually a bit melancholy for me. Wait, what’s that cliché about the one door that opens while the other one closes?

Finally getting to SED this semester drew up feelings of my first semester at BU. I remember thinking, “Oh man, I don’t know any of these people. I hope I don’t offend anyone.” But, my fears were quickly assuaged the second I stepped into my first session of Introduction to Education, ED100.

During that first session, my Professor, Phil Tate, stressed how the relationships that we, as students, built during ED100 would carry throughout our SED careers. He couldn’t have been more correct. To this day I’m still in contact with practically all of the students from my ED100 discussion.

From there I knew that I was welcome in SED. The pervasive sense of community here is unreal. I have never felt more accepted and supported from a school than I do here at SED. There is a palpable sense of warmth and community behind the front doors, and it’s a feeling that I wish for all students at BU.

I never have to worry about finding a friendly face behind a door at SED. I truly feel at home here.

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