My SED Family

My SED Family by Mackenzie Morgan, SED 2016

Coming to BU put me over two thousand miles away from home and the family and friends whom I left behind. But I never once felt homesick because from the moment that I walked into SED, it became my home. I had an Elementary Education roommate, a best friend five floors away to walk to ED 100 with, and a Transitional Mentor who patiently answered my endless stream of pesky questions (and still does). The narrow staircases and quirky half floors effortlessly became mine and because of the small size of the school and the emphasis on community by both individuals and programs, SED became my family.

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Even before I arrived at BU, I had a friend. This is thanks to the Transitional Mentor program, which pairs first year students with current students as mentors in an effort to ease the transition to BU, SED, and Boston. Through fun events and activities, such as the harbor cruise, students get to know their city, their school, and SED students of all ages. I most likely drove my entire hometown crazy with my inability to shut up about my impending move to BU, so the TM program was a fantastic resource and outlet for me. I was able to share my excitement and have my questions answered by a current student. I was able to receive advice that I took to heart (go to hockey games) and advice that I chose to ignore (you don’t need thirty pairs of shoes). Most importantly, I was able to find common ground over shared interests (Harry Potter and Batman) and arrive in this big, unfamiliar place knowing that I already had a connection and a friend. Somehow this knowledge made things better, easier. I had someone to get dinner with, a guide for personalized tours, and plans on my first weekend here. I had a friend, which led to having other friends.

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Throughout the semester, I continued to immerse myself in the SED community through becoming involved in student government, playing intramurals, working in the records office, and taking ED 100. The professors, faculty and staff proved to be just as embracing as the students and I know that through them, I always have resources to support and appreciate me. To this day, my best friends include my bus buddy from ED 100, my transitional mentor, and friends I made through student government, work and intramurals.

When I first arrived at BU, the mention of SED elicited a full heart and a proud smile; I was thrilled and thankful to be a part of such a welcoming and warm community. A year later, as a Transitional Mentor and Dean’s Host working to ensure the continuation of this community, that hasn’t changed. I can always count on my SED family to be there for me and I always enter SED with the knowledge that there is a warm smile and a comforting hug awaiting me in the lobby (or maybe on one of the half floors).

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