That One Special Person

That One Special Person by Adrienne Cytto, SED 2015

SMile-01Did you just smile when you saw the smiley face? I hope so, because it’s those little things that can make your day. During lunch one day last week, I was tired, not feeling well, did not want to go to class, and was probably zoning out as I waited in line to get food. I was slightly confused when the dining hall server kept looking at me while he was serving people in front of me. As my turn came, the server did not ask me what I would like to eat, but instead said, “I am not going to serve you food until I see a smile.” Naturally, I then smiled right away and realized, wow, I must have looked pretty upset for him to say that to me. He proceeded to tell me that it makes him happy if he can make at least one person smile a day. However, I told him he was the one who made me happy and cheered me up. He made me realize that people genuinely do care and that it only takes one minute and one person to brighten up your day and your mood.

It is people like the server in the Hillel Dining Hall who in my mind make the world a better place. As teachers, we can be these people for our students. For some of the children we teach, we may be the only rays of sunshine they have in their day. It is therefore the teacher who can make or break whether a student can be positive and ready to learn. I consider myself a pretty happy person, but I admit I do not smile all day, everyday. It’s the teacher who will take the time to talk to you in the hallway and tell you to smile as you walk by who makes you realize that people care about you and want you to be happy. So the next time you see your friend on the street or a student in the hallway of your school, take a moment to talk to them, tell them to smile. Let them know you want them to be happy. It may just make their day.

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