A Wave of Passion, Energy, and Opportunity

Entering college as a freshmen, it’s almost as though you are hit with a wave of emotions. Excitement fills everything you do, while uneasiness and nervousness make you wonder if you’re going to be okay embarking on this new journey on your own.

Luckily for me, coming into the School of Education, I never for a moment felt that this was a journey through which I was on my own. Why? For three major reasons. Every person I met from the School of Education showed their passion for becoming the future educators of this world, welcomed incoming freshmen with open arms and a level of energy without boundaries, and offered some of the most unique opportunities I’d ever heard of.

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One conversation is all it takes to hear the passion in the voices of every individual in the School of Education. From deaf studies to science education, interests in this field are abound, yet each individual brings forth his own interest to make it come alive. My first experience in witnessing the passion that students in this school had was at the Fall Open House as a junior in High School. Though hesitant at first, I finally stepped out to try to engage in a conversation with some of the Deans’ Hosts. In the midst of the meet-and-greet mingling session, I found myself in a silent conversation with a Dean’s Host who was a deaf studies major. At that moment I thought to myself, where else would I have been able to immerse myself in a conversation with a deaf studies major, a deaf professor, and a translator (as I was not fluent in Sign Language)? The passion with which both students and faculty expressed their interests was remarkable.

After starting the school year in September as nervous, but excited, new student in the School of Education, I slowly found an energy unlike that I had seen before. Every student in this school put energy into every activity they did, whether academic related or outside of classes. Events such as the boat cruise and apple picking proved to be examples of how these students’ energies were used when they were not in the classrooms. The Amazing Race and Get Active events in the beginning of the year were other ways in which I saw members of the School of Education put their heart and energy into every activity they did.

One of the major factors that attracted me to the School of Education was the unique opportunities that were offered to me, even from my first semester in the education field. However, it was not until recently that I put in perspective how these incredible opportunities could be directed toward my interests. In my recent academic planning, I found that there are a countless number of opportunities I hope to be able to take advantage of, including majoring in Early Childhood Education, while minoring in Deaf Studies, studying abroad in New Zealand, and taking additional classes such as Swahili and Psycholinguistics. In addition, the opportunities within the School of Education itself includes being able to observe a preschool classroom my first semester, and be placed in a classroom for a practicum sometime my first year. I have the opportunity to be working in a classroom each successive year as well, leading to a full time teacher position my senior year. These are all opportunities that I had never imagined would one day be at my fingertips.

The passion, energy, and opportunities, offered in the School of Education has made my transition into college and this school, one of the most remarkable and unforgettable events I have experienced.

A Wave of Passion, Energy, and Opportunity by Alisha Parikh, SED 2017

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