My Real Home – Studying at Boston University School of Education

By AnneMarie Schiller, SED 2015

Growing up, I was always the kid that could not wait to go away to college. Education has always been my number one priority in life, and it was my life-long desire to attend a notable university with a strong program. After reading Boston University’s website to the point of near memorization, I was convinced that BU was the way to go. However, it was not until my first visit to the school, for SED’s Accepted Students’ Day, that I was 110% sure that BU was the place for me. I simply did not want to wait a second more to attend.

IMG_3047Listening to welcomes by SED’s Director of Student Services, Jackie Boyle, and learning more about the school from Professor Carol Jenkins were moments that truly stuck with me throughout the day and as I headed back home to New York. Something that amazed me was how close-knit the students and faculty seemed to be. The image I had in my head, while positive, was nothing like I witnessed on that day. Each faculty member knew the names of the students, calling upon them individually and recounting particulars about each of their lives, courses and experiences. That was quite remarkable to me.

While I had read that the School of Education provided a smaller community within the much larger university, I never imagined such a strong feeling of togetherness. Upon arriving at BU, I was so warmly welcomed into the School of Education that I immediately felt at home. It was within a few short days that I realized I had entered a truly special environment. Professors were approachable, faculty and staff were always warm and friendly, and older students, mere strangers to me, were always smiling and willing to offer guidance and advice. As silly as it sounds, even the school’s lobby provided a comfort to me. It had a particular “homey” feeling that was unlike any other. To this day, I know that at any point in time, walking in, there will be a friendly face sitting on a sofa, a student napping against the wall, or a group gathered to work on a project. Every face is a familiar face, and that is, what I believe to be part of the beauty of the School of Education. I feel as though we are truly a family—a supportive, close-knit group of people that is unlike any other.

I realize that my love for this school has only grown greater with time. Between classes, working at SED, and being involved in several organizations within the school, it is more than likely that you will find me at Two Silber Way at any hour of any school day. I truly call the School of Education my home—a home I hate to leave for every holiday vacation, and a home I run back to at the end of every summer. As much as I love Boston University as a whole, I could not imagine myself in any school other than SED. The feeling of community, and the passion for education that is so prevalent within the walls of the building, is one that cannot be explained, but only felt. I would not trade my experiences here at Boston University’s School of Education, for anything in the world, and I truly cherish each and every day spent at this school.

*AnneMarie Schiller is a junior at Boston University School of Education studying elementary education.

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