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Changing the Way We Perceive Our English Language Learners

Using Self Advocacy and Activism in the Classroom By Christine Olsen (SED ’12) It started with a question: “What comes to mind when you hear the term English Language Learner?” I have been teaching English as a Second Language for three years now and I have never thought to ask this question before. “Have trouble […]

Take a Look At What’s Working

Take a Look at What’s Working by Etienne R. LeGrand, SED ’78 Drew Charter School, Atlanta Public Schools’ first charter school, has become the state’s number one ranked school for educating low-income, black students.  It’s one of the first schools to integrate a comprehensive birth to four year old early childhood component into its elementary school […]

I Teach Public School in Southern Most Texas

“I Teach Public School in Southern Most Texas” is an Alumni Op-Ed written by David Casebeer, Class of 1986. I am a retired Air Force officer, and a public school teacher in southern most Texas. I am concerned about the negative commentary about just who can attend our public schools. The reemerged political xenophobic posturing […]

Is Grading Exciting?

“Is Grading Exciting?” is an Alumni Op-Ed written by Marilyn Salagaj, Class of 2000. On the cover page of my Physics Exams, it states “I am excited to see what you have learned” and it is mostly true.  Am I excited to see that my students are still accidentally writing “weight” when they really mean […]

Out of School Behaviors: A Principal’s Responsibility?

Out of School Behaviors: A Principal’s Responsibility? is an Alumni Op-Ed written by Karen Siris, Ed. D., Class of 1972. I have never regretted my decision to become an elementary school principal. However, the responsibility of being in loco parentis to over 300 children each day is not without out its demands. With the advent […]

The Torch of Independence

The Torch of Independence is an Alumni Op-Ed, written by Alan White, Class of 1953. Sacrifices made by past generations enabled us to enjoy more and more of the benefits promised in the Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal  [.  .  .]  Life, Liberty, and […]