Category: Dean’s Talks

Alignment of Education and Industry

Dean Hardin Coleman discusses the challenges of aligning education with developing industry. Dean Coleman argues to improve education we must think about how we can align surrounding industry to best serve our education systems.

What’s Next in Education Reform

Dean Hardin Coleman offers his thoughts on education reform.

Restructuring Teacher Contracts

Dean Hardin Coleman addresses the importance of teacher evaluations and proposes a new way of thinking about teacher contracts.

Dean Coleman Appointed to the Boston School Committee

Dean Hardin Coleman discusses his appointment to the Boston School Committee and the challenges many urban school districts face.

Teacher Evaluation

Dean Hardin Coleman discusses teacher evaluation and its value. Teacher evaluation can help identify and promote great teachers. But, what are effective systems of evaluation?

Accountability of Schools of Education

Dean Hardin Coleman discusses how schools of education must be accountable for their students both while they are still in school and also after graduation in order to ensure they are effective teachers. and educational professionals.