Category: Student Voices

A Trip to Gingerbread Land

By Sarah Symes, SED 2016 This summer, I had the opportunity to work for Youthworks, an organization that runs mission trips for middle and high school students. I was hired to be one of the two service coordinators in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where my responsibilities included reaching out to different community contacts, coordinating service projects, and […]

The Use of the R-Word and Why It’s a Problem

By Abby Lefebvre, SED 2017 “That’s so retarded” or “don’t be such a retard” are frequent statements I hear casually said around campus. When used by someone I am talking to I will usually ask him or her to choose a different word. I typically get several types of responses. Many people are apologetic and […]

$79 Every Second

By Will English, SED 2016 Teachers have the opportunity to touch the lives of our nation’s youth, preparing them to become active, informed citizens. Yet being a teacher is not considered an overly respectable career, and people shy away from the profession for any number of reasons. But one popular reason someone might not want […]

How Lucky Am I?

By Rebekah Forsey, SED 2016 Let me answer my own question, I am very lucky. Why, you may ask? I’ll tell you. I take classes at one of the top universities in the world. Not only that, but my classes mean something to me. They teach me all of the things that I will need […]

Confessions of an Out of Place SED’er

By Caitlin Donnelly, SED 2015 Outgoing, organized, friendly, good with children, energetic, great at public speaking, overachiever, one that color codes everything…These are only some of the stereotypical features that go along with being a teacher, the labels that people automatically link to your personality when they hear about your career choice. There is nothing […]

From Summer Camp to the Classroom

By Heather Cohen, SED 2017 I have been attending the same Jewish overnight camp, Camp Galil, since I was 11 years old, and now I have been a counselor there for the past two summers. My camp is not your typical camp, because while of course we have fun, there are also scheduled educational activities […]