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Building Meaningful Relationships

By Carina Traub, SED’16 “This is for you.” Catlynn, one of my eighth grade English students hands me a packet of poetry. I give her a hug. I still have a week left of my student teaching in Ecuador, but this is my first major goodbye, as Catlynn is leaving early for vacation. Catlynn and […]

Why LEGO’s Announcement of a Wheelchair Toy Piece is Such a Big Deal

By Noah Segal, SED’16 On January 28, 2016, the toy company LEGO announced that starting this summer, they will be selling a wheelchair for their popular toy sets. This is a big deal. This is an important step in providing children with physical disabilities the opportunity to play with mainstream toys that actually look like […]

An Open Letter to my Fellow Dean’s Hosts

By Carolyn Hoffman, SED’19 The first year of college is comprised of a mixture of smiles and frowns as well as laughs and tears. For most, freshmen year of college is the first time individuals have ventured from home alone for an extended period of time. At a school such as Boston University, stress levels […]

A Day at Student Records

By Olivia McKellar, SED’19 This year, I was given the opportunity to fulfill my work study at the School of Education Records Office. Work study allows students to hold jobs on campus as part of their financial aid package. At the Records office (“Records” for short), I correspond with professors and students through email, by […]

An American in London

By Michelle Yelaska, SED’16 Studying abroad in London for a semester, I thought, “I already know the language, it’ll be fine!” I knew there would be some culture shock, like driving on the left side of the road, but I was in for a treat when I started talking to people in both London and on […]

The Victory Lap: Dual Degrees, Semester Leaves, and Fifth Year Undergrads

By Emily Talley (SED’17) Today, I’m going to give a shout out to one of academia’s underdogs: the five year undergraduate degree program. There’s a lot of much-needed anecdotal advice for the typical college freshman, but this is advice that could apply to anyone at any stage in their undergraduate career, including you. Allow me […]