Category: Student Voices

Top Three Reasons Why I (and You) Should Want to Work with Children

By Noah Segal, SED 2017 1. If you are a guy, you are going to get a job. If you’re a guy and you are willing to work with children in any capacity, then the chances of you not finding a job right out of college are slim. Women significantly out number men in the […]

Reflecting on Year One

By Winki Chan, SED 2018 My first year at the School of Education passed by way faster than I expected it to. I can still remember introducing myself and repeating the phrase “Hi, I am Winki from Hong Kong,” spending hours putting up photos and fairy lights in my dorm room, getting lost in the […]

The Past, Present and Future of My Passion

By Talia Cowen, SED 2017 The story of how I became interested and involved in my current major is somewhat comical. Rewind to the year 1960; my uncle Roger was born with Autism. A few years down the road, my Mom was born into a family that adored Roger and all that he had to […]

Take Me Back to the Land Down Under

By Jessica Schmidt, SED 2015 After I made the 22-hour flight from Sydney back to my hometown last winter and I will openly admit that the culture shock I experienced upon arriving was rough. Instead of focusing on how to adjust back to the cold and the snow, I couldn’t help but relive my time in […]


By Sarah White, SED 2016 This past winter, I applied to a variety of summer jobs focused on teaching or tutoring in summer schools. Through this process, I encountered the same question time and time again: Why are you fit to mentor students through this program? Thinking about this question made me realize: I aspire […]

Celebrities of a Community

By Jan-Lois Burroughs, SED 2015 Ellen Degeneres. The Kardashians. Tom Brady. One Direction. Barack Obama. While these names are recognizable to many nationwide, teachers too have the power to be just as noteworthy in someone’s life. Teachers are celebrities of a community. We mentor, we care, we educate, we connect, we influence, and we empower. […]