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Jump In

By Sara Symes, SED’16 “C’mon Sarah!” Rebekah cried out. I stood at the edge of the motorized canoe and looked down at the murky, mysterious waters of the Tiputini River running underneath. I looked up to see my friends, already about 50 feet up the river, swimming and laughing. Rebekah continued, her voice echoing through […]

Boston for a Day

By Lisa Hong, SED’19 Recently, I’ve had some good friends drop by Beantown to visit. Considering home is more than 1000 miles away from here for me (I’m from Minnesota), every time one of my friends takes the time and energy (and not to mention, money) to come to town, I can’t help but grin […]

Secret Skills for Success: Self-Advocacy

By Emily Talley, SED’17 I’ve been thinking a lot about the skills we need to succeed as college students – time management, organization, prioritization, stress management, discipline, study skills – the list goes on. We do a good job of talking about these skills, but one thing we don’t talk about is self-advocacy, and we […]

“You can never master teaching.”

By Sally Kaplan, SED’17 This simple but significant phrase will forever echo around Phil Tate’s Introduction to Education classroom, following future freshmen teachers throughout their four-year journey and beyond. Like most quotes, there is not an instant comprehension. As people, we never really learn a lesson until we have persevered through a position of weakness […]

Teaching Self-Worth

By James Teixeira, SED’18 Through personal experience, I have come to believe that teachers have a unique ability to boost a child’s self-esteem in a way that no one else can. In high school, I was lucky to be surrounded by teachers who genuinely cared about students and worked hard to help them achieve their […]

Teaching Life is Teaching Well

By Claire Buesser, SED’16 Spending August 2015 – January 2016 in Ecuador where I studied and student taught abroad was the best semester of my life. Teaching in a different country is quite an experience. My 22 students all spoke a different native language than me, they ate differently, they had different hobbies, and they […]