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Four Years Later: What Stands Out Looking Back

By Bonnie Tynes, SED 2016 As a senior looking back on my last four years at BU, it’s very difficult to narrow down what made this time so impactful. The factors are endless- ranging from influential professors, to friends who have made me see the world in new ways, to the city of Boston itself. […]

Why Do I Do This?

By Kylee Manganiello, SED 2018 I’m a DREAM mentor. Seriously, I am. I’m a member of the Boston University chapter of DREAM, an inter-state, non-profit organization with a philosophy of village mentoring and youth empowerment. Every Saturday, for approximately two hours (though usually more), about 15 other college students and I get to hang out with a […]

Teaching Through the Snow

By Rachel Hanson, SED 2016 One thing that is abundant is the School of Education is teacher observations. Between ED100 and Pre-Practicum, I have observed in at least a dozen teachers classes. I have seen US History, World History, Modern Conflict, Government, Psychology, and even some English classes. I have been able to watch teachers […]

My First Teaching Experience

Erin Park, SED 2019 I’m not going to lie, I haven’t always wanted to be in education. It wasn’t until I was a sophomore in high school that I realized that education was something I was interested in. It all started when I really started falling in love with my volunteer work at a camp […]

Writing My BU Journey

By Katie Pond, SED 2017 I started a blog last September, marking the start of the semester I took off before transferring to Boston University. Going into that semester off, I was still unsure about whether I actually wanted to transfer. I wasn’t even sure that taking a leave of absence was the right choice, […]

10 Personal Favorite Places to Study – On and Off Campus

By Alisha Parikh, SED 2017 Student Village 1, 26th Floor Study Lounge 33 Harry Agganis Way I don’t usually study in quiet areas, more often coffee shop-like atmospheres. However, this study lounge on the 26th floor provides couches and tables in a quiet setting with a panoramic view – with views of the city of Boston, […]