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Top Four ‘Teacher Sayings’

By Emily Doughan, SED’16 As a recent twenty-something year old, I often hear about how one day I’ll sound just like mother. I’ll say a lot of the same things she says without even realizing it (–not a bad thing! She’s a great lady. HI MOM). However, fresh off of completing my first full-time student […]

Three things that pushed me out of my comfort zone in my junior year

By Grace Dastous, SED’17 As junior year approached, I felt like I had finally found my home at BU. I have made some amazing friends, I have joined great clubs like Special Olympics and SED Deans Host, and as the year began, I fell into a familiar routine. To some, this would be ideal. I, […]

City Life

By Tali Cowen, SED’16 I have to be completely transparent and admit that I didn’t think I’d ever consider myself a city-loving gal. I grew up in a suburban cul-de-sac where there would be kids playing basketball and drawing with chalk on any given afternoon after school let out. My Mom drove a blue minivan […]

Be a Bostonian and “Pass the Line”

By Heather Cohen, SED’17  I have always been a lover of music. Whether I am doing homework, walking in Boston, or trying to fall asleep, I am always listening to music. I never leave anywhere without my headphones, and Spotify has become my best friend. But nothing comes close to hearing the music you love, […]

Addressing Diversity in the Classroom: English Language Learners

By Alisha Parikh, SED’17 As students in the School of Education training to be professional educators, we often hear in our courses of the importance of promoting and addressing diversity in our classrooms. I have always thought that addressing students’ diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and experiences is of utmost importance. However, until this past […]

But Seriously, Who Are We?

By Alison Nadler, SED’17 Every student in the School of Education can tell you about Professor Tate and the hats he wears on the first day of our Introduction to Education course to demonstrate the various roles a teacher may hold. He explains that teachers are comedians, mentors, friends, and disciplinarians. Some teachers are just […]