Category: Student Voices

Confessions of an Out of Place SED’er

By Caitlin Donnelly, SED 2015 Outgoing, organized, friendly, good with children, energetic, great at public speaking, overachiever, one that color codes everything…These are only some of the stereotypical features that go along with being a teacher, the labels that people automatically link to your personality when they hear about your career choice. There is nothing […]

From Summer Camp to the Classroom

By Heather Cohen, SED 2017 I have been attending the same Jewish overnight camp, Camp Galil, since I was 11 years old, and now I have been a counselor there for the past two summers. My camp is not your typical camp, because while of course we have fun, there are also scheduled educational activities […]

Computers and iPhones and iPads, Oh My!

By Allison Nadler, SED 2017 Technology consumes our lives. We are constantly on our phones to check emails, texts, Facebook… the list could go on forever. I’ve even heard people say that they feel empty and lost when they forget their phones. Supposedly, people are missing out on what’s right in front of them and […]

Never Say: “I can’t”

By Sonia Yang, SED 2017 I always tell people around me that I want to be teacher. When I was young, my parents asked me why I wanted to be a teacher, and I told them because teachers had a longer vacation than others. When I was in middle school, my classmates asked me the […]

Drowning in the Melting Pot

By Katrina Kretchman, SED 2016 It is estimated that one-in-four children in the United States are from immigrant families and live in households where a language other than English is spoken. This has significant implications for schools and for the current discourse about the role of teacher quality and effectiveness in improving educational outcomes. Some […]

What Third Graders Taught Me About Life

By Jessica Gulotta, SED 2017 “You just gotta be happy.” While doing my pre-practicum teaching experience in a Boston elementary school, I started writing down funny things that the students said. When I looked at the notes of quotes I had written down, I realized how many of them were actually valuable pieces of advice. […]