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What it feels like to be a Senior in SED (as told by GIFs)

*Editors note: refresh the page if GIFs fail to load. By Amanda Dolce, SED’16 When you realize you’re finally one of the big shots on campus:   But then you realize you still have a year of hard work ahead of you…   So you slip into a happy state of denial of your impending […]

The Moment I realized I might not want to Teach in the Classroom

By Griffin Monahan, SED’16 For the past four years my career trajectory has pointed me towards the classroom, but my path has recently changed. Last semester I was student teaching at a nearby high school. Each day I would be at the front of a tenth grade history classroom. I enjoyed creating, instructing, and witnessing […]

Top Four ‘Teacher Sayings’

By Emily Doughan, SED’16 As a recent twenty-something year old, I often hear about how one day I’ll sound just like mother. I’ll say a lot of the same things she says without even realizing it (–not a bad thing! She’s a great lady. HI MOM). However, fresh off of completing my first full-time student […]

Three things that pushed me out of my comfort zone in my junior year

By Grace Dastous, SED’17 As junior year approached, I felt like I had finally found my home at BU. I have made some amazing friends, I have joined great clubs like Special Olympics and SED Deans Host, and as the year began, I fell into a familiar routine. To some, this would be ideal. I, […]

City Life

By Tali Cowen, SED’16 I have to be completely transparent and admit that I didn’t think I’d ever consider myself a city-loving gal. I grew up in a suburban cul-de-sac where there would be kids playing basketball and drawing with chalk on any given afternoon after school let out. My Mom drove a blue minivan […]

Be a Bostonian and “Pass the Line”

By Heather Cohen, SED’17  I have always been a lover of music. Whether I am doing homework, walking in Boston, or trying to fall asleep, I am always listening to music. I never leave anywhere without my headphones, and Spotify has become my best friend. But nothing comes close to hearing the music you love, […]