Category: Student Voices

The R-Word

By Allison Nadler, SED 2017 I appreciate language. I love the fact that different cultures have their own language system, various parts of the world have different accents, and other languages rely on gestures or hand motions instead of spoken expression. Ultimately, language is comprised of words that have meaning, implications, and evoke reactions. They […]

The Value of an Arts-Based Education

By Colleen Mahany, SED 2015 Prior to the start of my student teaching at Boston Arts Academy, a pilot high school within the Boston Public School District for the visual and performing arts, I associated academics and learning with classrooms, desks, pencils, essays, exams, and projects. While all of these things are still part of […]

Studying Abroad – Learning From Experience

By Maria Poccia, SED 2016 For three and a half months, I lived, studied, and worked in London, England. During my time in the United Kingdom, I traveled to ten countries taking fourteen planes, four ferries, two trains and busses, and countless Tube rides. I made new friends and reconnected with old ones. I ate […]

Educators Rising

By Emma Preston, SED 2016 In the School of Education course “The Civic Context of Education,” last year, one of my classmates brought up an important, yet disturbing point: we, as teachers, don’t often encourage our children to become teachers. When we give children examples of what they can do with what they are learning, […]

Is Teaching the Holistic Picture of a Historical Figure the Right Thing to Do?

By Alex Bruno, SED 2015 As the voices of John Legend and Common rang out from the speakers inside a movie theater in Randolph, Massachusetts and the credits began to roll, I reflected on Ava Duvernay’s unique portrayal of such a pivotal point in the Civil Rights movement. I’ve always had a passion for movies […]

A Year of Transition

By Sara Toledo, SED 2018 Just having completed my first year of college, I have been reflecting heavily on everything that has happened this year. I have moved by myself to a new and incredible city and have become more independent than I ever thought possible. I have met so many incredible people and done […]