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10 Personal Favorite Places to Study – On and Off Campus

By Alisha Parikh, SED 2017 Student Village 1, 26th Floor Study Lounge 33 Harry Agganis Way I don’t usually study in quiet areas, more often coffee shop-like atmospheres. However, this study lounge on the 26th floor provides couches and tables in a quiet setting with a panoramic view – with views of the city of Boston, […]

Back to Kindergarten

By Katarina Kretchman, SED 2016 You most likely don’t remember a lot about the good ole’ days–your time in kindergarten. You probably don’t remember how you learned to count, or how you learned to read. It is hard to put yourself in a kindergartener’s shoes because you were a kindergartner over a decade ago. As an […]

Exploring the City at Your Fingertips

By Joliette Mandel, SED 2018 I was recently talking to one of my friends who attends a Big 10 school. He was shocked when I told him that no, we do not have tailgates or football games or homecoming weekend. He could not imagine going to school without these types of events. What I had […]

Don’t Stress

By James Teixeira, SED 2018 College can be an extremely stressful experience. There are what seems like a million important decisions to make – some that could have a lifelong impact. I’ve met an overwhelming amount of people who all seem to have their lives figured out. From the kids who know they want to be […]

I Don’t Do It for the Money

By Sarah White, SED 2016 “I’m not doing it for the money, though,” I find myself saying yet another time with yet another smile on my face. But behind my smile, I feel slightly annoyed. When will I stop being told how little money I’ll earn through the education field? When will I stop needing […]

Summer Camp 2015

By Sara Toledo, SED 2018 For education majors, it can be difficult to decide what to do with your summer. While internships are available for a lot of other career paths, that’s not as much of a possibility for those pursuing education. Since the academic school year does not run during the summer, it can […]