Category: Student Voices

Redefining Learning Enviornments

By Adrienne Cytto, SED 2015 As if student teaching in Sydney, Australia was not enough of a new experience, I immersed myself into the new depths of an open space learning environment at Claremont College Primary School. Although challenging, working in the modern and flexible learning space was one of the most rewarding experiences I […]

Lessons Beyond Subject Matter: Morality in the Classroom

By James Teixeira, SED 2018 I have always been a strong advocate for incorporating moral lessons into a curriculum. ED100, SED’s Introduction to Education course, inspired me to further reflect on the importance of teaching these lessons in the classroom, including instructing students on values that will help them to be contributing members of their […]

One World Youth Project

By Rachel Hanson, SED 2017 When I first transferred to Boston University in the fall of 2014, I knew I wanted to get into the classroom right away to get more experience. ED100 got us into a school, but it wasn’t as hands on as I was looking for. CT375 also puts us into schools, […]

Kids Say the Darndest Things

By AnneMarie Schiller, SED 2015 A compilation of quotable moments from the students of my kindergarten, third grade and fifth grade classes. A fifth grader during free writing time: “Look Ms. Schiller, I’m putting together a PowerPoint on binary, converting binary values to decimals and from decimals. But I’m not adding any animation because I […]

The R-Word

By Allison Nadler, SED 2017 I appreciate language. I love the fact that different cultures have their own language system, various parts of the world have different accents, and other languages rely on gestures or hand motions instead of spoken expression. Ultimately, language is comprised of words that have meaning, implications, and evoke reactions. They […]

The Value of an Arts-Based Education

By Colleen Mahany, SED 2015 Prior to the start of my student teaching at Boston Arts Academy, a pilot high school within the Boston Public School District for the visual and performing arts, I associated academics and learning with classrooms, desks, pencils, essays, exams, and projects. While all of these things are still part of […]