Category: Student Voices

Why I Care

By Bonnie Tynes, SED 2016 I am currently in my third year of studying education and second year of studying special education at Boston University. This third year is monumental in many ways for me. It means that I’ve now spent nearly one fifth of my life (does that make me feel old or young?) […]

Theory into Practice: Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

By Colleen Mahany, SED 2015 I am in my senior year at Boston University’s School of Education and I am student teaching at a middle school. I’ve been at the school for less than two months and I’m already fully in charge of the lesson plans, classroom management, grading, and general wellbeing of my students. […]

Reshaping Standardized Testing

By Griffin Monahan, SED 2016 Standardized testing isn’t going anywhere soon, but it can be reshaped. Without a powerful piece of federal legislation to counter The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, it will be impossible to remove standardized testing from public schools in America. It’s a hard pill to swallow for some. Spending […]

A Life-Long Dream: Educating the Girls of Afghanistan

By Alisha Parikh, SED 2017 A girl and her father walked back to their home from a small living room that the girl called her school. The two missed a roadside bomb, by minutes. Upon entering their home, the phone rings with a voice on the other end that warned, if the father were to […]

Follow Your Own Instruction

By Sally Kaplan, SED 2017 As almost all education majors understand, we didn’t choose our major, it chose us. Since I can remember, I have strived to become an educator and my dream of teaching has played a part in many of the choices I make for my life. My mom still laughs at the […]

A Few Good Men

By Noah Segal, SED 2017 You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth. That’s because the truth contradicts just about everything you probably learned growing up. Dads work long, late hours in office buildings that tower over the city streets, while moms cut fresh orange slices and pack the kids into the minivan for […]