Category: Student Voices

Is Teaching the Holistic Picture of a Historical Figure the Right Thing to Do?

By Alex Bruno, SED 2015 As the voices of John Legend and Common rang out from the speakers inside a movie theater in Randolph, Massachusetts and the credits began to roll, I reflected on Ava Duvernay’s unique portrayal of such a pivotal point in the Civil Rights movement. I’ve always had a passion for movies […]

A Year of Transition

By Sara Toledo, SED 2018 Just having completed my first year of college, I have been reflecting heavily on everything that has happened this year. I have moved by myself to a new and incredible city and have become more independent than I ever thought possible. I have met so many incredible people and done […]


By Rebekah Forsey, SED 2016 “We’re moving.” Crushed. Confused. Upset. Angry. They’re kidding. They must be. There’s no way this is real. “We’re serious. We’re moving to New Hampshire.” Ugh, New Hampshire stinks. I hate it there, well, I haven’t been there. But I’m sure it stinks. There’s no way I’m going. I’ll buy the […]

The Best Place to Be in SED: Pickering Educational Resources Library

By Amanda Dolce, SED 2016 Thinking of becoming a Terrier in the School of Education? Let me give you an insider tip: the Pickering Educational Resources Library is the place to be! Now before you go rolling your eyes or clicking the “back” button, give me chance to explain. The Pickering Educational Resources Library (PERL), […]

Interacting with Professors

By Carina Traub, SED 2016 Before I came to college, I was nervous about how to interact with professors. My cousin told me to “go to office hours,” but I didn’t even know what those were, let alone how to go to them. I worked with Professor Scott Seider to compile some recommendations on how […]

Coaching: It’s More Than Sports

By Griffin Monahan, SED 2016 What does an effective coach offer to his or her students and athletes? You might first reply with, “well the skills of the sport!” This is both obvious and true, but coaches can have an even greater impact. Coaches can provide positivity, confidence, and relaxation to students. The list of […]