Category: Student Voices

Addressing Diversity in the Classroom: English Language Learners

By Alisha Parikh, SED’17 As students in the School of Education training to be professional educators, we often hear in our courses of the importance of promoting and addressing diversity in our classrooms. I have always thought that addressing students’ diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and experiences is of utmost importance. However, until this past […]

But Seriously, Who Are We?

By Alison Nadler, SED’17 Every student in the School of Education can tell you about Professor Tate and the hats he wears on the first day of our Introduction to Education course to demonstrate the various roles a teacher may hold. He explains that teachers are comedians, mentors, friends, and disciplinarians. Some teachers are just […]

What I Have to Offer

By Mackenzie Morgan, SED 2016 On the first day of my student teaching practicum, I stood in front of twenty 10th graders and, later, twenty 11th graders and I tried to figure out how on earth I was going to do what I had come there to do. How was I going to convince these […]

How My First Day Student Teaching Made National News

By Rachel Hanson, SED 2017 When my alarm sounded at 5:15 a.m. on my first day of student teaching, I jumped out of bed more eagerly than anyone should ever get up at 5:15 a.m.. My early morning voyage was completed before the sun was even up. I made it to Boston Latin Academy over […]

Five Tips to Being Productive This Winter

By Winki Chan, SED 2018 Boston has a lengthy winter and at some point, you will ask yourself the question, “Why did I come willingly to this cold place for college?” via GIPHY For first timers, the cold can be gruesome, and the snow can be annoying (especially when it is grey and not fluffy […]

The Case for High School Sports

By Will English, SED 2016 The one thing I miss most about high school is playing organized sports. For me, like many, the jump to collegiate athletics was just too much, especially attending a school with Division I programs. But I would give anything to play just one more season. High school sports gave me […]