Category: Student Voices

Coaching: It’s More Than Sports

By Griffin Monahan, SED 2016 What does an effective coach offer to his or her students and athletes? You might first reply with, “well the skills of the sport!” This is both obvious and true, but coaches can have an even greater impact. Coaches can provide positivity, confidence, and relaxation to students. The list of […]

A New Conversation

By Navraj Narula, SED 2016 Here at the School of Education (SED), we focus the majority of our conversations on teachers: how they should explain concepts to a diverse group of learners, how their passion for a subject should be coupled with their purpose for a lesson, and even how they should seek to present […]

Alternative Spring Breaks and Alternative Education

By Claire Buesser, SED 2016 This March, I led a service trip to Phoenix, Arizona. The Alternative Service Breaks (ASB) program with the Community Service Center at BU sends students on similar trips throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico – students who would rather spend their break on a farm or in a soup kitchen […]

Out of the Comfort Zone

By Meghan Williamson, SED 2015 Last semester I studied abroad in Quito, Ecuador to complete my student teaching practicum. The experience was life changing, as many people who study abroad can attest to. However, it was not just studying abroad in a different country that made this experience affect my way of living. It was […]

Life in Ed House

By Katarina Kretchman, SED 2016 It’s around that time again when returning students make decisions regarding next year’s housing. This is always a stressful process because there are so many options and factors to consider. I often think back to three years ago when I was facing this decision for the first time. I had never […]

Late Night College Conversations

By Debra Regensberger, SED 2017 When I began looking at colleges I was apprehensive about a lot of things: classes, my major, and most of all, having friends. BU is a large place and it can be scary thinking about all of the people who go here, and how to meet people. I was lucky […]