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Five Tips to Being Productive This Winter

By Winki Chan, SED 2018 Boston has a lengthy winter and at some point, you will ask yourself the question, “Why did I come willingly to this cold place for college?” via GIPHY For first timers, the cold can be gruesome, and the snow can be annoying (especially when it is grey and not fluffy […]

Exploring the City at Your Fingertips

By Joliette Mandel, SED 2018 I was recently talking to one of my friends who attends a Big 10 school. He was shocked when I told him that no, we do not have tailgates or football games or homecoming weekend. He could not imagine going to school without these types of events. What I had […]

10 Things I Wish I Knew as a Freshman

By Rachel Ann Jensen, SED 2014 As a current senior, I am in the process of wrapping up my time as an undergraduate at BU and reflecting upon my time so far as a Terrier. Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to take on the next point in my life, I came into BU with big dreams […]

What’s Next in Education Reform

Dean Hardin Coleman offers his thoughts on education reform.

That One Special Person

That One Special Person by Adrienne Cytto, SED 2015 Did you just smile when you saw the smiley face? I hope so, because it’s those little things that can make your day. During lunch one day last week, I was tired, not feeling well, did not want to go to class, and was probably zoning […]

Exploring Education in Boston

Exploring Education in Boston by Emily Doughan, SED 2016 In my Inequalities in Education class last week, we went on a tour around Boston in order to supplement what we were learning in class. We spent the two previous lectures discussing racial tensions in the post-segregation school system and focused on the tumultuous time during […]