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Appreciate Every Moment – What I Learned at Boston University

By Zeba Race, SED 2014 On the day I moved into college, my dad told me to appreciate every moment because it will be over before you know it. Looking at the four years ahead of me, and the countless classes I had to take, I did not believe him. Four years is a long […]

Why We Keep Going – Putting Students First

By Carina Traub, SED 2016 With exam season rapidly approaching, it can be easy to get stuck in an educational rut, a place where everything seems impossible and the thought of writing one more paper makes you want to turn yourself into a blanket burrito. However, looking around the School of Education, I am reminded […]

Diving Into Bags of Gold – Building a Strong Identity by Recognizing Talents

By Claire Buesser, SED 2016 When I came to BU last year, I knew I was embarking on a new journey. Everyone told me “college is a chance to start over!” This was it, my chance to leave “old Claire” behind. As appealing as this sounds though, it terrified me. As the semester began, I […]

Learning and Growing – How College Experiences Change One’s Personal Philosophy

By Griffin Monahan, SED 2016 It is common for college students studying different areas to compare their courses, workload, and challenges, and the same is true at Boston University. When I engage in these types of conversations with my friends in other schools at BU, I often find myself with greater differences, rather than similarities, […]

A Wave of Passion, Energy, and Opportunity

Entering college as a freshmen, it’s almost as though you are hit with a wave of emotions. Excitement fills everything you do, while uneasiness and nervousness make you wonder if you’re going to be okay embarking on this new journey on your own. Luckily for me, coming into the School of Education, I never for […]

That One Special Person

That One Special Person by Adrienne Cytto, SED 2015 Did you just smile when you saw the smiley face? I hope so, because it’s those little things that can make your day. During lunch one day last week, I was tired, not feeling well, did not want to go to class, and was probably zoning […]