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Finding my Roots: The ABCs of Effective Teaching

By Lauren Effune, SED 2014 It was 11:56 PM on February 10, 2014, the night before my first formal student teaching observation of the semester, and I was tossing and turning. Yes, according to teaching time, 11:56 is WAY past one’s bedtime. I was overthinking how my observation would go – trying to hypothesize every […]

Six Things I Would Tell Myself Going into College

By Jessica Gulotta, SED 2017 Looking back on this year, as a freshman, there are six key things that I’ve learned and would tell my recent high school graduate-self. Think about what truly inspired you to do what you want I always knew I wanted to be a teacher but I was never really sure […]

What is Success? – Competition in Education

By Jessica Gulotta, SED 2017 Last December, in Greenville, South Carolina, a woman was trampled and injured in a stampede. There wasn’t a protest, or a fight, or anything that might typically cause a stampede. The cause of the stampede was mothers-protective mothers- trying to sign up their children for a new engineer charter school. […]

A World of Incredible Diversity

“A World of Incredible Diversity” was written by Katherine Carlebach, Social Studies Education major, Class of 2012. I always thought that my college education was to prepare me for my real life job. That the focus should be the courses that would help me understand the way teaching worked, the positive and negative aspects of […]

Ready to Go But Not Ready to Leave: Departing Thoughts of an SED Senior

“Ready to Go But Not Ready to Leave: Departing Thoughts of an SED Senior” is written by Laurence J. Kozakowski, Jr., an English Education major, Class of 2012 Four years went by in the blink of an eye, as clichéd as that might be.  Before venturing off to college 4 years ago, many people told […]

College Ready Vs. Life Ready

Dean Hardin Coleman discusses the difference between being ready for college and being ready for life. He also addresses the implications of these concepts for education.