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Against the Grain – Being a Male Teacher

By Will English, SED 2016 “Teaching is a woman’s profession.” It’s statements like this that define my career choice. The moment I tell someone about my major here at Boston University, they’re shocked to hear that I want to be a teacher, let alone an elementary school teacher. Yet the more I think about it, […]

My Real Home – Studying at Boston University School of Education

By AnneMarie Schiller, SED 2015 Growing up, I was always the kid that could not wait to go away to college. Education has always been my number one priority in life, and it was my life-long desire to attend a notable university with a strong program. After reading Boston University’s website to the point of […]

What Can Future Educators Learn from the 2013 Red Sox World Series Championship?

By Shari Idelson, SED 2015 As a lifetime Red Sox fan, I could not have been more thrilled and excited when Koji Uehara struck out Matt Carpenter for the final out of Game 6 of the 2013 World Series. Having a World Series win at Fenway was the best thing that could have happened to this […]

A Wave of Passion, Energy, and Opportunity

Entering college as a freshmen, it’s almost as though you are hit with a wave of emotions. Excitement fills everything you do, while uneasiness and nervousness make you wonder if you’re going to be okay embarking on this new journey on your own. Luckily for me, coming into the School of Education, I never for […]

From CGS to SED

From CGS to SED by Jack Wall, SED 2015 Finally getting to SED, finally getting to my new home has been a pretty long journey for me. Since September 2011 my base, here at BU, was The College of General Studies. For those unfamiliar with BU’s CGS, it’s a two-year college wherein a new BU […]

Exploring Education in Boston

Exploring Education in Boston by Emily Doughan, SED 2016 In my Inequalities in Education class last week, we went on a tour around Boston in order to supplement what we were learning in class. We spent the two previous lectures discussing racial tensions in the post-segregation school system and focused on the tumultuous time during […]