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Mathematically Thinking

By Navraj Narula, SED 2016 As an English Education major, you would not find it surprising that one of the reasons why I picked literature to be my subject matter of expertise was because of the fact that I disliked math with a passion. In middle school, I was required to take an exam that […]

Why Science Education and the Importance of STEM Pedagogy in Higher Education

By Richard Von Itter, SED 2016 Science is an ever growing field that constantly pushes students to work in ways not normally found in other content areas. STEM heavily relies on inquiry-based methodology to reinforce different scientific concepts and ideas discussed in class. Ultimately, the magic found in any science class is laboratory work. Unlike […]

How a High School Science Program Led Me to SED

How a High School Science Program Led Me to SED by Alex Bruno, SED 2015 “Authentic Science Research” read the yellow handout Ms. Wisniewski placed on my desk in her freshman year biology class. I was new to Darien High School and a three-year independent study was probably the last thing I was interested in. […]

Lack of STEM

Lack of Stem by Jeff Fox, SED 2014 Where is everybody? To my knowledge, I am the only one of my kind at Boston University — a dual degree undergraduate student in physics and science education. I’ve gotten used to being Mr. Education in a physics-heavy environment, and Mr. Physics around education people. But still, there’s […]