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Three things that pushed me out of my comfort zone in my junior year

By Grace Dastous, SED’17 As junior year approached, I felt like I had finally found my home at BU. I have made some amazing friends, I have joined great clubs like Special Olympics and SED Deans Host, and as the year began, I fell into a familiar routine. To some, this would be ideal. I, […]

Be a Bostonian and “Pass the Line”

By Heather Cohen, SED’17  I have always been a lover of music. Whether I am doing homework, walking in Boston, or trying to fall asleep, I am always listening to music. I never leave anywhere without my headphones, and Spotify has become my best friend. But nothing comes close to hearing the music you love, […]

What are my students reading? – Students Outside of the Classroom

By Sarah White, SED 2016 Ask a group of middle or high school students what they like to read. Many will name a book title or an author; several will say they like to read articles about their interests. Some will tell you that they don’t know, that they don’t like to read much at […]