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Four Teacher Tips

By Michelle Yelaska, SED 2016 It’s truly amazing how fast time flies when you’re having fun. It seems like only yesterday I observed my first classroom in Introduction to Education 100, moved into a college dorm, and ate endless burgers at Rhett’s. This fall semester, however, is the moment of truth. It’s everything I’ve been […]

Take Me Back to the Land Down Under

By Jessica Schmidt, SED 2015 After I made the 22-hour flight from Sydney back to my hometown last winter and I will openly admit that the culture shock I experienced upon arriving was rough. Instead of focusing on how to adjust back to the cold and the snow, I couldn’t help but relive my time in […]

Advice and Encouragement from Fifth Grade Students

By Mary Kate McCarthy, SED 2018 Recently, my first field placement with the Introduction to Education course (ED100) came to an end. Even though I am an aspiring high school English teacher, I could not have enjoyed anything more than spending 10 weeks in fifth grade. Whenever I talk about my experience in Room One at […]

Redefining Learning Enviornments

By Adrienne Cytto, SED 2015 As if student teaching in Sydney, Australia was not enough of a new experience, I immersed myself into the new depths of an open space learning environment at Claremont College Primary School. Although challenging, working in the modern and flexible learning space was one of the most rewarding experiences I […]

Why I Care

By Bonnie Tynes, SED 2016 I am currently in my third year of studying education and second year of studying special education at Boston University. This third year is monumental in many ways for me. It means that I’ve now spent nearly one fifth of my life (does that make me feel old or young?) […]

Theory into Practice: Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

By Colleen Mahany, SED 2015 I am in my senior year at Boston University’s School of Education and I am student teaching at a middle school. I’ve been at the school for less than two months and I’m already fully in charge of the lesson plans, classroom management, grading, and general wellbeing of my students. […]