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The Moment I realized I might want to Teach Outside the Classroom

By Griffin Monahan, SED’16 For the past four years my career trajectory has pointed me towards the classroom, but my path has recently changed. Last semester I was student teaching at a nearby high school. Each day I would be at the front of a tenth grade history classroom. I enjoyed creating, instructing, and witnessing […]

Top Four ‘Teacher Sayings’

By Emily Doughan, SED’16 As a recent twenty-something year old, I often hear about how one day I’ll sound just like mother. I’ll say a lot of the same things she says without even realizing it (–not a bad thing! She’s a great lady. HI MOM). However, fresh off of completing my first full-time student […]

What I Have to Offer

By Mackenzie Morgan, SED 2016 On the first day of my student teaching practicum, I stood in front of twenty 10th graders and, later, twenty 11th graders and I tried to figure out how on earth I was going to do what I had come there to do. How was I going to convince these […]

How My First Day Student Teaching Made National News

By Rachel Hanson, SED 2017 When my alarm sounded at 5:15 a.m. on my first day of student teaching, I jumped out of bed more eagerly than anyone should ever get up at 5:15 a.m.. My early morning voyage was completed before the sun was even up. I made it to Boston Latin Academy over […]

Four Teacher Tips

By Michelle Yelaska, SED 2016 It’s truly amazing how fast time flies when you’re having fun. It seems like only yesterday I observed my first classroom in Introduction to Education 100, moved into a college dorm, and ate endless burgers at Rhett’s. This fall semester, however, is the moment of truth. It’s everything I’ve been […]

Take Me Back to the Land Down Under

By Jessica Schmidt, SED 2015 After I made the 22-hour flight from Sydney back to my hometown last winter and I will openly admit that the culture shock I experienced upon arriving was rough. Instead of focusing on how to adjust back to the cold and the snow, I couldn’t help but relive my time in […]