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Dear Future

Dear Future Ms. Dolce, As I sit here with my face buried in books and unending assignments filling up my calendar, I figured I would write you some teacher tips before you forget what it’s like to be a student. So the next time you can’t understand why your students are not doing what you […]

From CGS to SED

From CGS to SED by Jack Wall, SED 2015 Finally getting to SED, finally getting to my new home has been a pretty long journey for me. Since September 2011 my base, here at BU, was The College of General Studies. For those unfamiliar with BU’s CGS, it’s a two-year college wherein a new BU […]

Passion for Education

Passion for Education by Sarah Symes, SED 2016 As cliché as it sounds, I have always wanted to be a teacher. In the elementary school, I used to spend hours upon hours reading to my American Girl dolls, making sure that I held my picture books sideways just like my teachers did. My aspiration followed […]

Falling in love in college…with my major!

Falling in love in college…with my major! by Colleen Mahany, SED 2015 When I entered Boston University School of Education as a freshman, I thought I had found my passion in teaching and studying Social Studies Education. However, it wasn’t until the fall of my sophomore year that I began to develop and explore a passion […]

Teacher Evaluation

Dean Hardin Coleman discusses teacher evaluation and its value. Teacher evaluation can help identify and promote great teachers. But, what are effective systems of evaluation?

Accountability of Schools of Education

Dean Hardin Coleman discusses how schools of education must be accountable for their students both while they are still in school and also after graduation in order to ensure they are effective teachers. and educational professionals.