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(Mine)Crafting an Engaging Lesson

(Mine)Crafting an Engaging Lesson by Tess McNamara, SED 2015. After a lengthy year and a half of working at Mugar Memorial Library, opportunity surprised me by offering me a job with the Intergenerational Literacy Program. I decided to take a turn away from comfort and take the new job. ILP is centered in Chelsea, an […]

Lack of STEM

Lack of Stem by Jeff Fox, SED 2014 Where is everybody? To my knowledge, I am the only one of my kind at Boston University — a dual degree undergraduate student in physics and science education. I’ve gotten used to being Mr. Education in a physics-heavy environment, and Mr. Physics around education people. But still, there’s […]

Restructuring Teacher Contracts

Dean Hardin Coleman addresses the importance of teacher evaluations and proposes a new way of thinking about teacher contracts.

Take a Look At What’s Working

Take a Look at What’s Working by Etienne R. LeGrand, SED ’78 Drew Charter School, Atlanta Public Schools’ first charter school, has become the state’s number one ranked school for educating low-income, black students.  It’s one of the first schools to integrate a comprehensive birth to four year old early childhood component into its elementary school […]

Teacher Evaluation

Dean Hardin Coleman discusses teacher evaluation and its value. Teacher evaluation can help identify and promote great teachers. But, what are effective systems of evaluation?

Accountability of Schools of Education

Dean Hardin Coleman discusses how schools of education must be accountable for their students both while they are still in school and also after graduation in order to ensure they are effective teachers. and educational professionals.