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Diving Into Bags of Gold – Building a Strong Identity by Recognizing Talents

By Claire Buesser, SED 2016 When I came to BU last year, I knew I was embarking on a new journey. Everyone told me “college is a chance to start over!” This was it, my chance to leave “old Claire” behind. As appealing as this sounds though, it terrified me. As the semester began, I […]

How a High School Science Program Led Me to SED

How a High School Science Program Led Me to SED by Alex Bruno, SED 2015 “Authentic Science Research” read the yellow handout Ms. Wisniewski placed on my desk in her freshman year biology class. I was new to Darien High School and a three-year independent study was probably the last thing I was interested in. […]

My SED Family

My SED Family by Mackenzie Morgan, SED 2016 Coming to BU put me over two thousand miles away from home and the family and friends whom I left behind. But I never once felt homesick because from the moment that I walked into SED, it became my home. I had an Elementary Education roommate, a […]

Visiting and Beginning at BUSED

Visiting and Beginning at BUSED by Caroline Kocent, SED 2015 As Fall Open House approaches in the School of Education at Boston University, I cannot help but think about when I visited as a junior in high school, and how time really does fly when you are having fun. I always knew I wanted to […]