I am ABD in philosophy at Boston University.  My research is at the intersection of philosophy of science, feminist philosophy, and social epistemology. In general, I am interested in issues of social and self-identity, ideals of rationality and objectivity, and the social construction of knowledge. My research often incorporates work from social psychology.

My dissertation argues for a new account of stereotype threat that is latent in current social psychology research, but remains under-examined by psychologists and philosophers. Specifically, most researchers focus on stereotype threat’s effects on individuals’ performance, whereas I argue that the  phenomenon more centrally concerns the pressure it puts on self-identity. As a result, we need to rethink what stereotype threat is, what its implications for our everyday lives are, and how it may be contributing to under-representation in academia.

You can view my Academia.edu profile at: http://bu.academia.edu/StaceyGoguen

Some of the projects and organizations I am involved with include:
Implicit Bias & Philosophy International Research Project
MAP – Minorities and Philosophy
FEAST – Association of Feminist Ethics and Social Theory
WOGAP – Workshop on Gender and Philosophy (Boston Area)
SPP – Society for Philosophy and Psychology