Confidence #1: A simple start

Confidence is a term regularly used when describing athletes and high performance. Some people think that either you’re confident or you’re not. However, there are a bunch of ways for athletes to build confidence and improve performance that are simple and available to everyone. Today, we will provide you with a good first step to building your confidence.

The most basic way to build confidence is to know that you’ve performed successfully before, and can therefore do it again. Many athletes simply try to remember when they played well, yet when they are having trouble maintaining confidence, they cannot think of anything positive. So, the next time you do something really well, whether it’s a specific task (i.e. shooting a free throw) or a specific event (i.e. the game last night), write it down. Throw it in your locker or gym bag. Next time you want a confidence boost, read what’s on the card. Also, don’t be afraid to write a bunch of cards and create an arsenal of self-confidence boosting memories.

Keep an eye out for three more simple ways to build confidence in the coming weeks…

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